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New Keychain Vaporizer – AirVape OM Wax Concentrate Vaporizer Review

About AirVape

The Apollo AirVape company has just released a new wax concentrate vaporizer that looks awesome. The new device was released on July 20th and has just begun shipping. This new wax concentrate vaporizer is a very affordable device that boosts elegance and class. Read more on the AirVape OM below.

AirVape OM Wax Vape KeyChain

Visit the Official Website for AirVape to Learn More or to Buy

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The AirVape OM is the result of paying attention and listening to the growing vaporizer industry. The Om that you can see in the picture above perhaps means Aum the zen term.

The original AirVape brought a very skinny and compact design to dry herb vaporizers. This was followed by a more powerful version called the AirVape XS and AirVape XS special edition. The first 2 models and the special edition models were all designed and optimized for dry herbs. The new OM vaporizer will be their first vape for wax concentrates.

AirVape OM Video

Adding a video soon.

AirVape OM Specifications

The AirVape OM is the new generation of vaporizers for waxy oil concentrates featuring a dual-coil atomizer and 2 additional changeable cover caps to fit disposable pre filled cartridges that are on market today.

  • For use with concentrates only - not e-liquids
  • 350 mAh chargeable internal battery
  • 510 thread
  • Weight 1.6 oz
  • Measures: 4.5" L x .5" W
  • 3 pre set changeable voltage settings
  • Easy to Use Settings
  • Sturdy Metal Housing
  • Materials: Steel, dual quartz coil atomizer, glass

The AirVape OM is coming from a company that is passionate about their products and creating affordable premium devices that more people can afford. The products released by AirVape are in the medium low to medium high price level. The performance of the AirVape devices are able to compete on the same level as the more expensive devices. The AirVape OM will hopefully follow the same foot steps as the models released before, but we will know more on this in the coming week. Taking a look at the image above the AirVape OM looks like it is very small, very simple and perhaps can be something that you would attache to your key chain or something. The boxing in the image above looks very apple like - simple and to the point, trying to not take away from the product itself.

Where to Get the Apollo AirVape OM

The official site for Apollo AirVape has a cart system where you can make your purchase directly from the manufacturer. is the official site and you can learn more about the growing vaporizer company there. The AirVape OM is expected to start shipping as of July 20 2017 and costs under $90.

Visit the Official Website for AirVape to Learn More or to Buy

Use Coupon Code SMOKELESS to Get 10% Off

AirVape OM

AirVape OM





      Build Quality





          • Compact
          • Unique
          • Good Quality
          • Glass Mouthpieces


          • Not for Dry Herbs
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