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Arizer ArGo | The Perfect Little Portable Vaporizer

Arizer Argo Vaporizer

Arizer, the maker of the popular line of both desktop and portable vaporizers, has a new portable vaporizer as of January 2018. The new device is called the Arizer ArGo, which is a compact portable dry herb vaporizer. This is sure to be one of the best portable vaporizers for 2018.

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Arizer Batteries

Arizer is among the top vaporizer brands in the world and test their products along with their batteries very thoroughly. The batteries in Arizer devices are designed to last and not wear down in for hundreds and hundreds of recharges. The new ArGo vaporizer battery is said to be able to last around 1.5 hours of usage time. This is a considerable step up from some of the other vaporizers currently on the market. Many portable vaporizers only have a charge for around 30 to 50 minutes of usage time. This means that with the ArGo you can worry less and vape more.

The Argo uses pass through charging meaning that you can use the vaporizer while it is plugged in and recharging. If you are using the vaporizer while its charging it will take a bit longer to charge. If you do not use the ArGo while charging it will charge in about 3.5 hours.​ When the ArGo is practically dead you may need to charge it for about 15 to 20 minutes before you can use it even when plugged in. So it is smart to start charging you device before it shuts off completely on you.

Interchangeable / Swappable Battery with the ArGo vaporizer

The bottom of the ArGo has a slot that you can remove and replace the interchangeable battery. This is an important feature for any portable vaporizer to be truly portable. Without the ability to swap in and out batteries the device is only as good as a single charge. However, with the ArGo you can bring as many extra batteries with you as you like to keep the vaporizer going.

Ultra small portable vaporizer - ArGo vaporizer

The ArGo vaporizer from Arizer is very small and very portable. It fits in the palm of your hand and can be pretty much completely concealed. The black color is discrete and looks like a general product that anyone would be holding. The ArGo dimensions are as follows: Weight: 97 grams, Length: 52 mm, Width: 24 mm, Height: 83 mm with the glass mouthpiece down and about 93 mm with it extracted.

Easy to Use Vaporizer

Arizer has been making both desktop and portable vaporizers for many years. With their experience and vast amount of customer feedback they are able to produce simple to use vaporizers that people find very easy to use. The control panel on the ArGo consits of 3 buttons that through a combination of simple clicks allows you to do a wide variety of things.

Temperature range

The ArGo has a temperature range of 50°C-220° C (122°F- 428° F). The temperature is adjustable in 1 degree precise increments and 10-degree increments for fast adjustments.

Audio / Beep Notifications

One of my big pet peeves with other vaporizers is that I waste so much of my material by setting the device to heat up and getting distracted while its on right in front of me. A simple solution to this is either a vibration or a noise. The ArGo has built in noise/beep notifications that will help to inform you of what the device is doing.

Power-On Delay + Auto shut off safety features

The ArGo has safety features to ensures you don’t accidentally turn on the unit and leave it in your pocket. With the ArGo you can set a default to either 2 seconds, 4 Seconds, 6 Seconds, and 8 seconds for turning the device on. Additionally the ArGo has a safety shut off time where the longest the device will remain on for is 15 minutes. This is plenty of time for a lengthy session. You can adjust this time from 5 minutes to 15 minutes with the default setting out of the box being 10 minutes.

Where to get the ArGo vaporizer

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