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What moves you? For those who like to partake in living an on-the-go lifestyle, the number one thing is efficiency–hence the term travel size. If you’re doing any sort of traveling, from biking to flying on a plane, it is very likely that there is going to be some sort of luggage involved. The most attractive items to a traveler are those that fit in your bag and are easy to carry.

Now this is not a travel blog, but we are here to talk about the best travel or best portable vaporizers out there. To be considered a good portable vaporizer, size, how discreet the device is and special features all play an important role. Now don’t be fooled by convenience and lack of size, TheVape.Guide’s best weed vape list includes these vapes in their top vapes and reviews.

Dr. Dabber Light will get you feeling alright

Our first choice comes as no surprise. Dr Dabber Light is simply one of the most easy-to-carry and discreet vape pens out there. Compatible with wax, this little bad boy can produce some quality vapor and can fit pretty much anywhere. The compact design of the light makes it really small but at the same time, it still manages to feel sturdy and can probably survive a fall or two from all the moving around. The only Doctor you’ll be seeing on your next trip is Dr Dabber?.

Dr Dabber Light

The one and only: Crafty

The unique design of the Crafty is truly a sight to see. Weighing in at 0.3 lbs and only 4.3” tall, the device features a swiveling mouthpiece that hides when not in use, thus making it safer to store. Another interesting feature is its filling aid that serves both as a storage unit and helps the user pack the desired amount. One of the best vapes of all time, the Crafty’s ribbed plastic design is functional in that it keeps the device cool, and has stood the test of time.

Crafty Vaporizer

A True Utilitarian: Utillian 721

The definition of utilitarian: designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive. In the case of the Utillian it is both useful and attractive. This upgrade to the 720 comes with a newly added boost mode which allows for 4 extra temperature settings than its predecessor. A swiveling mouthpiece that is easy to protect when carrying around and offers 15% more battery life than the Crafty. To top it all off, the device features a convection oven and is compatible with both dry herb and wax.

Utillian 721 vaporizer

For the Gadget Travelers: Arizer ArGo

Not putting the ArGo at number 1 was a tough choice. The device literally fits in the palm of your hand. Probably the easiest device to carry with you everywhere and offers granular temperature control w/ OLED screen. The glass mouthpiece can be put away with the simple push of a button. Arizer always uses borosilicate glass mouthpieces so store them carefully in your luggage—but this premium material yields exemplary vapor quality. Arizer’s vapes were always a bit too big to bring on the fly so thanks Arizer for this little gem.

Arizer Argo

Sleek on the go: Davinci IQ

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the best and most profound virtuosos of all time. The Davinci IQ is one of the best vaporizers ever built. There are many reasons why this device rounds off our list. First and foremost the extended mouthpiece, which can take away some of its portability, can be replaced by a flat counterpart that provides much more security when carrying around your device.

Secondly, the flavor chamber serves as both a storage chamber for extra weed supply and as a flavor enhancer for the herb you’re vaping. To name a few more, smartphone compatibility, stealth mode, different temperature modes (Precision and Smart Path) and just a flavor quality/flavor that competes with some of the best stay-at-home vapes. The IQ has it all and it is indeed our number 1 choice.

Davinci IQ

Travel Vapes: Final thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed this list of the 5 Best Travel Vaporizers. After much research and consideration, these are the vapes that we have selected. There were many other memorable runner-ups such as V2 Pro Series 7 and the G Pen Pro. Make sure to take one of these travel buddies on your next adventure and happy vaping!

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