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November 4, 2017

XMax V2 Pro – Budget 3 in 1 Vaporizer

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The XMax V2 Pro is a 3 in 1 vaporizer that was released in 2015 that many people still look into when deciding which portable vaporizer to get. The XMax V2 Pro is a bit larger than your typical portable vaporizer and is capable of vaping dry herbs, wax concentrates, and cannabis oils. The XMax V2 Pro is in the low medium price category and today we will be reviewing it to give you a better idea of how it works, its temperature flexibility, vapor quality, build quality, portability, discreteness and our overall assessment of whether or not it's a buy.


How it Works

The XMax V2 Pro is another one of the 1 button operation vaporizers that is very simple to use. To power on the unit you just quickly press the power button five times to activate the device. You will notice there are 5 LED’s on the side of the vaporizer which will all glow as the device turns on, and then one light will display which indicates your current battery level from 1-5.

Like any vaporizer, It is recommend to cycle through the highest temperature setting at least once before actually using the device with your material. This process will allow the heat to burn away any leftover chemicals from the manufacturing process.

After you have the device powered on, you can press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to cycle through to the next highest temperature setting until you reach the one you prefer to use. You can load the oven with the material of your choice using either the oven as normal or by using the concentrate cup. After 5 minutes of usage the device will automatically turn off as a safety feature.

Temperature Flexibility

The XMax V2 Pro uses a five preset temperature option which are set by default as: Low (356F), Medium Low (374F), Medium (392F), Medium High (410F), High (428F). The one button design is very simple to use and allows you to easily and seamlessly switch temperatures while performing your session. The fact that the XMax V2 Pro comes with 5 temperature options is pretty impressive considering the price of this device.

Vapor Quality

The XMax V2 Pro actually was pretty impressive with vapor quality, When looking at vapor quality we look into vapor production, flavor, and smoothness. Vapor production with the X-Max V2 Pro is definitely above average for the price range of other competitively priced vaporizers (almost as good as the Zeus Smite). The conduction heating method definitely helps to give it a boost over other convection vaporizers, but that is to be expected with conduction heating.

The flavor of the XMax V2 Pro is what you would expect in a medium range vaporizer. The taste is on par with other budget devices and at times can give you a bit of that burnt sensation. When chasing flavor you will typically want to look at the higher end vaporizers such as the Firefly 2 or even the Utillian and Zeus vaporizers.

When you are using the XMax V2 Pro on the lower temperature levels it is very smooth and enjoyable, having said that when you bump it up to levels 4 and 5 it does tend to get a little bit hot and it’s a bit harsher to take longer draws.

All the above was with the use of dry herbs and when we switched the device over to concentrates the vapor performance for all three categories was nothing to write home about. Even on the highest temperatures the XMax V2 Pro does not handle concentrates quite as well as the more premium vaporizers. This is to be expected and the XMax is priced very competitively and when putting into the equation the cost vs the performance you still get more than you paid for.

Manufacturing Quality

The XMax V2 Pro is heavier than you would originally think and is comparable in weight to the Firefly 2. The components and build quality feel very sturdy and durable in the hand. The components are as followed: The casing is made with a strong nickel metal, the mouthpiece inhaler is food class safe, the oven is ceramic and you get a titanium steel wax cup for concentrates. Again the important thing to look at here is the value you get when paying such a low price for a portable vaporizer capable of vaping 3 mediums.

The XMax V2 Pro comes with a 6 month manufacturer warranty that covers any defects in the components and materials. This is one of the best 3 in 1 vaporizers under $100.

Battery Life

The XMax V2 Pro runs off of a 2200 mAh battery that you can remove. It’s always nice to be able to purchase some spare rechargeable batteries so that you don’t run out of power on a trip or part way through your day. We found that you can get about 40 to 60 minutes of actual usage from one charge. This is actually better than we expected and puts the usage time around average for low and medium tier vaporizers. The charging time was about 2 hour to completely charge a battery.


The XMax V2 Pro is a portable vaporizer and the fact that it uses an external battery that you can swap in and out gives the device an advantage over vaporizers that use internal batteries. The weight vaporizer is .320 kg and the size is 18 x 6.5 x 5.5 cm. When thinking about the portability of this unit you must again consider the low cost of the vaporizer in comparison to its ability to vape 3 mediums, with the external battery. The slightly larger size and shape is a personal preference and if a smaller unit is what you are looking for that again we would recommend the Zeus Smite for a vaporizer in the same price range, or something like the PAX 3 which is a more expensive device.

Ease of Use

The XMax V2 Pro as we mentioned earlier uses the 1 button design that we are seeing in most portable vaporizers. The one button design makes the device harder to break, cheaper to make, and easy to use. There really isn’t a more simple design that can be made for this type of vaporizer. The only design that is easier is an on demand heating vaporizer that has little or no wait time such as the Firefly 2.


The XMax V2 Pro is designed to easily fit into your pocket, and the color options allow you to get one that helps to maintain a more discreet profile. Having said this, the device is larger than many of the smaller compact portable vaporizers and if discretion is something you are going for there are better options. A more discrete dry herb vaporizer that falls around the same price point is the Zeus Smite.

Overall Experience

Our overall experience with the XMax V2 Pro 3 in 1 vaporizer was pretty good and this device is a good deal for how much it costs. It does work with all 3 mediums but is definitely suited best for dry herbs. When you look at it as primarily a dry herb performer, we think it is comparable in price and in performance to the Zeus Smite. The Zeus Smite is however a better deal and a more compact unit.

Read more portable vaporizer reviews.​

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Induction Vaporizer – Loto Lux Multi Material Vape

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The Loto Lux is a new release that uses induction heating to cook your material. It's the first ever vaporizer to use electromagnetism to heat dry herbs, liquids, or concentrates. Formerly called the Evoke, the Lux has been in development for quite some time. At last it's available for purchase. In this article we'll look at what we know and what we've seen of the Lux vaporizer.

New Loto Lux Vaporizer

Loto Lux Vaporizer Review

What Sets the Lux Apart?

The big draw of the Lux is its heating technology. This uses magnets to heat-up the rod and in turn your material. This will give industry leaders like the Mighty and Crafty a run for their money. It will also compete with the Utillian 721, one of the most budget-friendly premium devices on the market. These use convection rather than conduction heating to vaporize materials. Electromagnetic induction heating is truly innovative. We were keen to find out how it would perform. Read on to discover what we found.

The Lux uses Bluetooth technology to connect the device to your smart phone. Only a handful of devices currently offer this facility. And it's something that makes your device much more powerful and personal. Apps can monitor your sessions and record what works and what doesn’t work for you. They also store your favorite settings. The Lux app is one of the most functional currently available.

Build Quality of the Loto Lux

The Lux is made from top quality materials and components. The body itself is classy wood and aluminum. The Lux comes with three different glass cartridges. One is for use with concentrates, one for liquids, and one for dry herbs. You slide the right cartridge for the job into the unit and position the mouthpiece over it. Inside the cartridge there's a metal insert. This is what gets heated to vape your materials. A computer chip inside the unit helps run the device and connects it to Bluetooth.

Who Manufactures the Lux

The Lux vaporizer has been a long time in the making. It was a silicon valley startup that first had the idea in 2014. Now, after years of R&D, a conduction vaporizer that uses electromagnetic heating is born.

Loto Labs has filed a couple patents for their new vaporizer. It has now begun shipping the device to those who've backed its development. The whole project has been crowdfunded and the Lux has enjoyed some great exposure throughout its development.

Loto Lux Style

The Lux has a very modern look. The grip has an ergonomic design to make it feel good in your hand. There's just one button. And the version we've seen has a classic wood finish with aluminum lines.

The Lux is a little bit bigger than other popular devices such as the PAX, the Crafty and the Da Vinci. But the Lux can vape all three materials. This makes it one of the most advanced portable vaporizers on the market in 2017.

Thoughts on the Lux Vaporizer

We'll have to wait and see what the vapor quality and performance of the Lux will be. But here's my prediction. I think the induction part is a bit overhyped and vapor quality will be much the same as that produced by other means. Electromagnetism heats the metal insert, which in turn heats your material. This doesn't seem all that different from conduction heating. It will still be surface heat that heats the material. I may be wrong - I'm no expert in thermodynamics. But this is how it seems to me.

It seems that the Lux is nearer to conduction heating than to convection. And convection vaporizers in my opinion will still have an advantage in how it heats your materials. Convection heats materials by forcing hot air through them. This cooks materials more evenly and lowers the chances of them combusting.

I think the Lux will perform well for concentrates and e-juice. The heat-up time is supposed to be pretty much instant. This will give big fast hits similar to a powerful battery mod. So the Lux may suit the nicotine e-liquid crowd more than the cannabis crowd. Again, I could be wrong. And I'll correct myself in an updated article if I am. But this is my current view.

Product Pros

  • portable 3 in 1 device
  • quality build
  • simple to use
  • app connected
  • electro​magnetic heating (new to vaping)

Product Cons

Conclusion - Final Thoughts on the Lux

Since this is a speculative article, I can't give a yes/no answer to whether you should spend $399 on this new device. What I'd suggest is that you wait until you see some user reviews or an updated review from us. The Lux is expensive and it's using an untried method to vape three different materials. And there's no guarantee it will produce superior results. The jury, as they say, is still out.

We’ll do our best to get some hands-on experience so we can share more with you. I wish the Lux well and hope I'm wrong in my surmise about how it will perform with dry herbs. Once we're able to test the Lux for ourselves, we'll bring you a more detailed review.

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Lux Vaporizer by Loto Labs – 3 in 1 Induction Vaporizer

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The Lux is a vaporizer that has been in production for a few years now and is just now coming to market. The Lux used to be called the Evoke, but has had a name update recently. The Lux by Loto Labs is a induction heating vaporizer which is the very first of its kind. An induction vaporizer uses electromagnetic targeted waves to heat your material. The Lux vaporizer is a highly anticipated device that is capable of vaping all 3 mediums - dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids. The Lux is a sophisticated vaporizer that also includes Bluetooth connectivity to your smart devices. Continue reading below to learn more about the Lux vaporizer from Loto Labs.

Lux by Loto Labs Vaporizer

The Lux vaporizer from Loto Labs is currently not shipping but can be ordered directly from the manufacturers website. Loto Labs was founded back in 2014 and have since been working on creating this innovative new device. The Lux is a 3d printed vaporizer that is built from wood and aluminum. The 3 different mouthpieces are all made of glass and include a metal insert that works with the induction heating method.

The Lux by Loto Labs is set to start shipping around the middle to end of August 2017. The cost to get your hands on one of these first ever induction vaporizers is $399. This puts the Lux vaporizer at the upper price point when it comes to portable vaporizers and actually makes it the most expensive portable vaporizer on the market. The package you get when ordering the Lux vaporizer comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, 3 glass mouth pieces (1 for each type of material), a charging cable, and the Lux vaporizer.

We will update this post when we finally get our hands on one. If you would like to get ahead of the crowd you can visit the official website here and place an pre order.

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AtmosRX Complete Kit – 3 in 1 Vaporizer for Wax / Leaf / Liquids just $39

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Did someone say $39 3 in 1 portable vaporizer from Atmos? Yes, this 3 in 1 vaporizer is designed to vape dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids and you can get one for just $39. Atmos is known for making quality affordable vaporizers, but this one is priced so competitively that they are practically giving them away.

Visit the Official Atmos Website Here to Learn More or Buy

Atmos 3 in 1 Vape Pen

The Atmos Complete is a 3 in 1 Vaporizer package that is perfect for dry herbs, waxy oils, and E-liquids. Its lightweight, portable, easily stores in your pocket or bag, is windproof for outdoor use, and charges conveniently through a USB port. The Atmos Complete is the complete solution to all of your vaporizer needs.

Atmos Complete 3 in 1 Vaporizer

If you are looking to get into vaporizing or for a device that you don't have to worry about breaking and losing a big ticket item worth of value if it breaks or you lose it, than this complete vaporizer kit from Atmos is a good starting point or good vape to get as a travel companion.

Visit the Official Atmos Website Here to Learn More or Buy

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Quad Oven, 3 in 1 Vaporizer – the Haze Square

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If you're one of the many people who have been waiting for the Haze Square vaporizer to be released, you may not have to wait much longer. In fact by the time this article is posted the Haze Square may be selling on the official Haze website. The new vaporizer from Haze is a quad oven, 3 in 1 vaporizer that allows you to switch seamlessly in just a second from one type or material to another. You can have the Haze Square preloaded for your next 4 sessions with a mix of material and also extra oven chamber pods on stand by. If you're looking for a vaporizer that can quickly get a group of picky cannabis users ‘medicated’ than the Haze Square is your new go to device. Continue reading our initial review of the Haze Square multi purpose vaporizer below.

Visit the Official Website for HAZE to Learn More or to Buy

Haze Square Vaporizer

Oven and Vapor Method (Convection)

The new Haze Square is a very compact device. The Square would be considered very compact if it only had 1 material chamber, never mind having 4 different rotating chambers that you can position over the devices oven. The Haze Square uses convection heating as its main method to heat your material. The convection heating works with on demand heat so that their is next to no wait time in between your draws. So not only does the Haze Square use convection heating with on demand heat, you can use the dial on the back of the device to switch from one medium to the other. You can hit dry herbs one draw, wax concentrates on the next draw, THC oil on the third draw and then your choosing again on the fourth draw.

Temperature Controls for the Haze Square Vaporizer

The Haze Square features adjustable temperature from 340F – 450F. The smart temperature controls allow the device to remember your last session and where you left off. The device is designed for ease of use and once your temperature is reached the on demand heating works to maintain your temperature with each draw.

HAZE Square Vaporizer Battery and Portability

Unlike the Haze Dual V3 which uses external batteries, the Haze Square looks to use an internal battery that you will need to have charged in order to use the device. Using an internal battery is a pro to some people and negative to others. The internal battery with the Square we fill is a better way to go since this new Haze vaporizer uses on demand heating that will work to conserve battery life already. As for portability, Haze has always made it their main goal to create a product that is designed for on the go and outdoor use. The quad chamber aspect means you're ready for multiple sessions throughout the day, and the additional chamber pods just add to the portability of this compact little unit.

Visit the Official Website for HAZE to Learn More or to Buy

HAZE Vaporizer Warranty

Haze has a comparable warranty to PAX Labs. They both offer an impressive 10 year warranty on their devices. If you're Haze vaporizer is purchased from Haze and registered than you will stand a much better chance at receiving full warranty protection. To register your warranty you can do this by providing your date of purchase, device serial number, purchase price, URL if bought online and your name/email.

Haze Square

Using the Haze Square Vaporizer

As we mentioned earlier using the Haze Square is a new experience, never before have you been able to so easily switch between 3 mediums using 4 different chambers. Up until this point with other popular 3 in 1 vaporizers you would need to completely remove the cartridges and place in the new medium you wish to vape. The only other device that came close to this functionality was the previous model introduced by Haze called the Haze Dual V3. The on demand heating and smart temperature settings of the Haze Square make this an efficient and practical vaporizer.

About the Manufacturer

Haze Technologies joined the vaporizer scene in 2013 Since this time Haze has been considered as one of the top vaporizer companies to watch. Haze brings innovation to the vape industry and has been focusing on multi chamber technology. Backed by a 10 year warranty, a fast customer service experience and many vaping accessories Haze is one of our favorite vaporizer brands.

Where to Buy the Haze Square or other Haze Devices

The best place to pick up your Haze Square is from the official Haze website. It’s always a good idea to make your purchase from the official manufacturers site. In the world of portable vaporizers similar to the watch industry there have been many fake replica’s that mimic the market out to make a quick buck. We suggest that you head on over to the Official Haze website here.

Visit the Official Website for HAZE to Learn More or to Buy

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V2 Pro Series 3x – 3 in 1 Portable Vaporizer

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3 in 1 vaporizers are becoming more popular devices as they are far more convenient and more affordable to purchase than getting a device for each type of material you intend on vaping. The V2 Pro Series 3x can vape dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids. The V2 Pro Series 3x includes a number of upgrades from the popular original version called the Pro Series 3. The new version includes variable voltage and temperature settings which deliver a consistent vaping experience. The V2 Pro 3 is lighter, stronger, and more advanced than its predecessor. In this article we will go over the components of the device in more detail and let you know what our overall rating for this device is.

Visit the Official V2 Website Here to Learn More or Buy

V2 Pro Series 3x

Components and Ingredients of the V2 Pro Series 3x Vaporizer

The V2 Series Pro 3x comes with the following - The 3x vaporizer battery and base of the device, one Series 3 Sub Ohm E-Liquid Cartridge made from Ceramic, three interchangeable atomizers of the following 0.9 sub ohm, 1.2 ohm and 1.5 ohm. You also will find in the box a magnetic charging cord. The Series 3x is available in three different colors - charcoal, gunmetal and crimson. Below you will see the cartridges that work with each of the mediums you may wish to vape. The charger that comes with this device is magnetic and attaches itself to the base of the device. For such a small and thin device V2 has packed quite a bit of functionality into this thing.

V2 Pro 3

Visit the Official V2 Website Here to Learn More or Buy

Oven and Temperature Controls

The V2 Pro Series 3x allows for PG or VG e-juice usage with the cartridges. The options given to you with the three different sub ohm’s make the Series 3x compatible on a more international level for e-juices. The oven is ceramic which helps to deliver maximum vapor with a rich flavor. An upgrade that the 3x has over the original Series 3 is the adjustable airflow feature. This allows you to make easier inhalations while finding the right airflow for your personal preference. The oven activates when you press the power button down twice when the device is already on. It takes a few seconds and turns yellow whens its half way ready and then green when it's ready to draw from.

V2 Pro Series 3x Battery and Portability

The new V2 has a feature that allows you to find out how much power is left through shaking the device. The motion activated LED ring along the bottom glows to show you how much life remains. You will get about 30 minutes of usage time and the V2 3x will reach a complete charge in about an hour and 15 minutes. While the device is plugged in and charging you can still use it.

V2 Pro Series 3x Warranty/Refund Policy

The V2 vaporizer company offers a 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on most of their products.

How to Use the V2 Pro Series 3x Vaporizer

The V2 Pro Series 3x is simple to use, depending on which medium you are wanting to vape you will fill it with your desired material, either dry herbs, concentrates or e-liquids. The cartridges connect to the device with a magnetic connection.Once you insert the cartridge you just need to press the power button 3 times to turn on and then hold down for two seconds to begin heating the oven, it will turn green when ready and you inhale. The device is all one piece aside from the cartridges which make it very easy to clean and maintain. The dry herb cartridge/ceramic oven is essentially a lid that you just fill, connect, and brush out. The V2 3x has an automatic shut off after 2 minutes where you will see it flash green and turn off. This is a safety feature and also helps to conserve battery life and not overheat the device.

V2 Pro Series 3 Cartridges

Visit the Official V2 Website Here to Learn More or Buy

About the Manufacturer

V2 is one of the largest online retailers of e-juices, 3 in 1 vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and e cigarette/vaporizer batteries. V2 has a live customer service team that you are able to chat with if you have any questions about purchasing their products and can be very helpful to find what you need. V2 has made a name for itself in the portable vaporizer market with their high quality, USA designed products that they offer for a great value.

Where to Buy the Newest V2 Vaporizers

V2 is more than just a portable vaporizer company, they also boost one of the largest vape juice marketplaces where you can choose from many of the top brands. If you are looking to buy one of the V2 vaporizers or wish to browse their e-juice marketplace you can do so by visiting their official website here.

Visit the Official V2 Website Here to Learn More or Buy

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New Touch Screen Vaporizer – Hera 2 Hybrid Oven

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A new portable vaporizer has recently surfaced called the Hera 2 from VapeDynamics. The Hera 2 is a very durable and compact sophisticated device. With a hybrid dual oven capable of actually vaping multiple mediums at once, the Hera 2 is going to be a hot selling portable vaporizer. This is the first device that really cater to portable vape enthusiasts that you can make isolated herbal vapor remedies with. The Hera 2 is built with careful consideration and has one of the most advanced computer chips to exist in a portable vaporizer. Continue reading below as we get into more detail about the Hera 2.

Visit the Official Hera 2 Website here - Learn More or Buy

Hera 2 Hybrid Vaporizer

Components and Features of the Hera 2

Oven and Vapor Method (Conduction)

The new Hera 2 vaporizer is in a league of its own when it comes to hybrid vaping functionality. The ceramic and stainless steel oven is able to be filled with different mediums while keeping them isolated but baked together. The device also allows you to switch between material modes very easily if you are using just dry herbs or concentrate extracts. The Hera 2 delivers strong thick vapor clouds when using the device on the upper side of the temperature scale.

Visit the Official Hera 2 Website here - Learn More or Buy

Temperature Controls for the Hera 2 Vaporizer

The Hera 2 uses precision temperature controls that ranges from 350F-450F. The new Hera vaporizer from VapeDynamics has something that you typically don’t see in a portable vaporizer but something that we may start to see more of. The Hera 2 has a touch screen user interface that allows you to easily navigate through the devices software.

Hera 2 vaporizer

Hera 2 Vaporizer Battery and Portability

The Hera 2 uses a 2680 mAh Li-Ion interchangeable replaceable battery that can be charged with the built in micro USB charging interface. The Hera 2 is the definition of a portable vaporizer as it includes a strong long lasting interchangeable battery and fits into the casing of a compact shell. The Hera is 118mm tall, 20mm thick, and 38mm wide.

Hera 2 Vaporizer Warranty

The Haze vaporizer is being promoted as a virtually indestructible unit, we are sure when people start to receive their devices they will put this theory to the test. The Hera comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty that will cover things like factory defects and other non user related mishaps.

Hera 2 Vape

About the Manufacturer

The Hera 2 vaporizer manufacturer VapeDynamics has also come to market with a device similar to that of the PAX era called the Cora which is used with refillable pods. VapeDynamics has also produced the popular Laguna vaporizer, the DUO vaporizer, the IO vaporizer, and as mentioned above the Cora pod based vaporizer. The Hera is VapeDynamics new staple device and we are excited to see how vape enthusiasts like yourself find using the device.

Where to Buy the Hera 2 vaporizer

The best place to pick up your Hera 2 hybrid vaporizer will be from the official Hera website. The Hera 2 is currently in pre order but, so you can save your spot in line before they activate their shop section. You can visit the Official Hera 2 website here.

Visit the Official Hera 2 Website here - Learn More or Buy

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Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer – Double Oven

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The Haze Dual V3 vaporizer is the world's first dual chamber vaporizer and is considered to be the most versatile vaporizers on the market. The long running list of features included with this device is quite impressive. The new Haze vaporizer is compatible with all mediums of material such as loose leaf, e-juices, and wax concentrates, the newly designed Haze Dual V3 device is one of the most innovative and unique portable vaporizers we have reviewed. In this article we take a closer look at the components of the device, the warranty, the manufacturer's information, how it’s used, and where you can get one.

Visit the Official Website for HAZE to Learn More or to Buy

Components and Build Quality of the New Haze Vaporizer

Components of the Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

Since the first version of the Haze Dual V3 a few new upgrades have been introduced. The new version comes with an updated dry material can with a stainless steel metal lid that helps to achieve more airflow into the chamber. The new version also comes with a concentrate can that is designed to keep liquids and concentrates from accidental leaking. Also a new addition is an updated temperature regulator that maintains your desired heat setting regardless of your altitude, surrounding humidity level, outside temperature and air pressure.

Haze V3 Dual Vape

The New version of the Haze Dual V3 has a durable water resistant exterior, a newly designed mouthpiece that you can use at any height level and also works very seamlessly with the unit. The old mouthpiece tended to get stuck when the device was not maintained very well. This has been upgraded in this new version. The new version of the device also has an enhanced battery door latch mechanism and is impact resistant to make the device even more durable than before.

Oven and Vapor Method (Conduction and Convection)

Haze Dual V3 is the first vaporizer with a dual bowl, allowing you to vape different mediums interchangeably within a single session. Haze Dual V3 features a convection screen and a conduction screen. Both screens are designed using stainless steel. The conduction filter screen has two sides open which allows dry herbs to have a more controlled exposure to the heating element. The convection filter screen has four walls of stainless steel and allows no direct contact between your herbs or wax and the heating chamber. The Haze also comes with extra cans that you can pre load for a trip so that you can have everything ready to go when you need it.

Temperature Controls

The Haze Dual V3 has 4 preset settings at about 365F, 380F, 390F and 415F. You can vaporize your dry herbs at all 4 of these temperatures and oil/wax at the highest 2 temperature settings. The Haze can reach these preset temperatures in about 60 to 90 seconds. Because of the devices complexity each chamber is divided by stainless steel walls that allow each chamber to heat up at different temperatures, allowing you to vape each of your mediums at your desired temperature. Once the unit has reached the desired temperature, there is a heat exchange mechanism that helps to deliver a cool vapor output.

Visit the Official Website for HAZE to Learn More or to Buy

Haze Dual V3 Battery and Portability

Haze is powered by a long-lasting, rechargeable, external Lithium-Ion battery and is extremely light weight. When comparison single session times between your average portable vaporizer and the Haze portable vaporizer your sessions on each battery are approximately 35% longer. The option to carry around 1 or more external batteries with you gives the Haze Dual V3 no real limit to how long it can last before finding a wall outlet. The Haze device is a bit larger than some of the smaller more compact vaporizers, but the long list of features combined with the external batteries make this device one of the most portable vapes on the market. You get two 2600mAh rechargeable li-ion batteries when you order this product. The batteries actually contain Haze software in the batteries themselves, you should only use Haze batteries with the device to avoid damaging the device.

Haze Dual V3 Warranty

The Haze is backed by a very impressive manufacturer's 10 year limited warranty. The warranty does not cover normal performance degradation, does not cover batteries, and does not apply to the glass mouthpiece. Haze warrants the product against defects in materials used to create the device. A warranty is only available to the original end user and valid for 10 years. If your warranty and reason are valid Haze Technologies will repair the product defect or exchange the product for you. If you are interested in the warranty you will need to register it on their website after you receive your device.

How to Use the Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

In order to start the Haze Dual V3 you simply flip the switch to either side and the unit will turn on. To turn the device off you rotate the switch back to it neutral position. The 4 preset temperatures are marked by 4 different LED lights. Depending on what medium you are vaping will determine which setting to use. As mentioned earlier, the highest two temperature settings are for concentrates while all can be used for dry herbs. When the unit is on the LED lights will blink letting you know that the device is heating up. When the LED’s go solid the device has reached your chosen temperature setting and you can start vaping. It is recommended to wait 10 to 15 seconds after the lights turn solid to allow the heat to penetrate through all herb surfaces.

When you want to choose one of the ovens you will flip the switch to a specific side. Located on the top of the device under the switch is a white circle and a black circle. Whichever one you can see is the oven that will be activated. Only one oven operates at a time.

About the Manufacturer

The company behind the Dual V3 is called Haze Technologies. Haze Technologies was founded in 2013 and in this short period of time has quickly become a leader in the vaporizer industry. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Haze Technology is helping to redefine the industry with their innovative devices.

Where to Buy the Newest Haze Vaporizer

If you are looking to purchase one of the most feature packed vaporizer on the market, you can get the Haze Dual V3 directly from the Haze official website. Haze has international shipping and can be delivered to your door step. Only customers who are of age can order a Haze Dual V3 vaporizer and a signature is required in order to receive your device upon delivery. The Haze Dual V3 is one of the more premium vaporizers on the market and costs 249.99. You can order yours by visiting their official site. The Haze Dual V3 is one of the best portable multi medium vaporizers.

Visit the Official Website for HAZE to Learn More or to Buy

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Portable Liquid Vaporizer Reviews

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V2 Pro Series 3x

V2 Pro Series 3x Vaporizer

The V2 series 3x can vape dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids. Due to its compact size and shape this vaporizer is one of the most portable and diverse while at a low price point. Read the full V2 Pro Series 3x Vaporizer Review.

Haze Square Vaporizer

Haze Square Vaporizer

Haze Square is a compact portable vaporizer that has 4 oven chambers that you can rotate over the heating element to vape different strains or blends during your session. Read the full Haze Square Vaporizer Review.

Haze V3 Dual Vape

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

The Haze Dual V3 is one of the must ruggad and versatile compact vaporizers on the market. The Dual V3 is a 3 in 1 vaporizer that vapes dry herbs, concentrates, and oils. The Dual V3 has two ovens. Read the full Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer Review.

Atmos 3 in 1 Vape Pen

Atmos 3 in 1 Complete Kit

The Atmos Complete Kit is a super affordable 3 in 1 vaporizer that works with dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids. This vaporizer is priced at only $39. Read the full Atmos 3 in 1 Complete Kit Vaporizer Review.

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Portable Multi Material Vaporizer Reviews

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Here are the top vaporizers that are designed to vape more than one medium/material. The following vaporizers can vape dry herbs and concentrates. Some multi medium vaporizers are also able to vape e-liquids making them 3 in 1 vaporizers. Here are some of the top multi purpose vaporizers on the market today:

Firefly2 Vaporizer

Best Choice for Portable: Overall Quality and Performance

Firefly 2 Vaporizer - A innovative touch sensor on demand heat vaporizer designed to work with both dry herbs and concentrates. The Firefly 2 uses Bluetooth technology paired to your smart phone to help enhance and optimize your sessions. Read the full Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review Here.

Haze V3 Dual Vape

Vicod 5G 2 - Affordable Wax + Dry Herb Vaporizer for the Money

The Vicod 5G is another one of AtmosRX portable vaporizers that is priced very competitively. The Vicod 5G 2 is designed to work with both dry herbs and concentrates. Read the full Vicod 5G 2 Vaporizer Review.

Haze Square Vaporizer

Haze Square Vaporizer

Haze Square is a compact portable vaporizer that has 4 oven chambers that you can rotate over the heating element to vape different strains or blends during your session. Read the full Haze Square Vaporizer Review.

Haze V3 Dual Vape

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

The Haze Dual V3 is one of the must ruggad and versatile compact vaporizers on the market. The Dual V3 is a 3 in 1 vaporizer that vapes dry herbs, concentrates, and oils. The Dual V3 has two ovens. Read the full Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer Review.

Hera 2 Hybrid Vaporizer

Hera 2 Vaporizer

The Hera 2 is a hybrid oven that has two compartments where you can vape different strains or materials at the same time. The Hera 2 also uses a touch screen interface. You can read a full Hera 2 Vaporizer review here.


PAX 3 Vaporizer

The PAX 3 is a compact multi purpose vaporizer that work with dry herbs and concentrates. PAX has Bluetooth connectivity and connect to your smart device for device optimization and temperature controls. Read the full PAX 3 Vaporizer Review.

V2 Pro Series 3x

V2 Pro Series 3x Vaporizer

The V2 series 3x can vape dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids. Due to its compact size and shape this vaporizer is one of the most portable and diverse while at a low price point. Read the full V2 Pro Series 3x Vaporizer Review.

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