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CBD Vaporizer Pen – hmbldt – Sleep, Relief, Passion, Aroused

hmbldt Dose Pens

The pre-filled hmbldt dose pen - What would you like it to do for you? Help you sleep, make you more bliss, give you more passion, keep you calm, provide relief, get you aroused? If you answered yes to any of those possibilities, there is a hmbldt dose pen that will do that for you. The herbal blends are pre-filled into a small capsule which are part of a very compact inhalation powered portable vaporizer. Each capsule gives you 200 doses of 2.5mg herbal draws. The hmbldt dose pens are made with organic hemp THC and CBD oil. Continue reading to learn more about these innovative cannabis devices.

hmbidt dose pens for cannabis oil

Technology Behind the hmbldt Dose Pen for Cannabis Oil

The hmbldt dose pens are designed to be very consistent with the hits you get. These pens are meant for feeling, healing and emotion reasons. The pens are able to be very consistent with the effect they are each designed for. Each herbal blend is made with a certain percentage of THC compounds and a certain percentage of CBD compounds, with a variation of terpenes. Consistent dosage is guaranteed through three innovative features that are built into each recyclable dose pen. Each dose pen has built in temperature control, airflow control and timing control features.

About hmbldt's herbal THC CBD formulas

  • Contains no chemical fillers
  • CBD Rich - Combining the CBD compound with the THC compound the hmbltd's herbal formulas use ratios that help to optimize the health benefits of the hemp plant.
  • Humboldt County, CA grown - All cannabis that is used in hmbldt's formulas are sourced by a partnership of growers that follow organic and bio-dynamic agriculture.

hmbldt Bliss Formula Dose Pen

The hmbldt Bliss formula is made with a 9:1 THC : CBD ratio. This formula is made with 88% Cannabinoids and 12% Terpenes. The prefilled dose pen that you can get with the Bliss formula gives you 200 doses at 2.5mg per dose. The hmbldt thc cbd pen gives accurate doses that are activated as you breathe in, this is followed by the vaporizer pen vibrating.

hmbldt Passion Formula Dose Pen

The hmbldt Passion formula is THC dominant and blended with myrcene and limonene. This formula delivers a euphoric feeling designed to increase sensuality and heighten your sexual experience.

hmbldt Calm Formula Dose Pen

The hmbldt Calm formula is a CBD dominant formula that utilizes the anti anxiety properties of CBD and is made with the calming effects of myrcene and the balancing influences of beta-caryophyllene and limonene.

hmbldt Sleep Formula Dose Pen

The hmbldt Sleep formula is made with a 8:1 THC : CBD ratio. This formula is made with 88% Cannabinoids and 12% Terpenes. The formula is made with terpenes that promote sleep.

hmbldt Relief Formula Dose Pen

The hmbldt Relief formula is a CBD-rich blend that has a balance of a 2:1 THC : CBD and is designed to ease a variety of pain conditions. This formula is said to provide excellent relief for mild to moderate pain.

hmbldt Arouse Formula Dose Pen

The hmbldt Arouse formula is a THC-forward formula designed to relax your mind and body. This formula uses a precise terpene blend featuring linalool and farnesene, to help you feel aroused and enhance your excitement naturally.

hmbldt has seen a great deal of positive press and is making a big name for themselves in the cannabis industry. If yuo would like to know more about hmbldt you can visit their official site here.

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Vape Bright Thrive, Prefilled CBD Vaporizer – 100% Organic CBD Oil

About Thrive CBD Vaporizer

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most found compound in the hemp plant. In recent years and more so into 2017, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to CBD and its potential benefits. CBD unlike THC does not cause any psychoactive effects (it does not get you high). Shown in the image below is the Thrive device by Vape Bright, which is a prefilled CBD oil vaporizer pen. In this article we'll go over the ingredients of the CBD oil, how it's used, information about the manufacturer, and where you can get one.

Learn More or Buy - Visit the Official Vape Bright Website Here

CBD Vaporizer

The reviews on this product are some of the best we’ve ever seen and overall the customer feedback is tremendous. Vape Bright is a CBD (cannabidiol) company that was created as a pure organic CBD alternative. CBD is a compound that many people have found success with. CBD is known for helping to make people feel more happy, calm, and aims to deliver healing benefits for a wide ranges of illnesses and diseases. The CBD oil cartridges that are used with the Thrive device made by Vape Bright are made with 0 chemicals.

Components and Build Quality of the Vape Bright Thrive Vaporizer Pen and Cartridges

The starter kit you can get for $60 comes with enough CBD oil for about 20 sessions. The battery that comes with the starter kit is reusable and you just need to order new cartridges when you run out. You use the same lower half of the vaporizer (the battery and charger). The options to get replacement cartridges are available in packages of one, three, and five. So in the starter kit you will get 4 things - the carrying case, the USB charger, the battery, and a prefilled CBD cartridge.

Thrive CBD Oil

Regardless of which package of cartridges you order the contents and everything about them will be the same, They all work with your battery and charger, the only difference is when you order in bulk you receive some savings. You can purchase either a starter kit if you don’t have one already or the cartridges as packs or individually by visiting the Vape Bright website here.

The CBD oil you get in your cartridges is extra potent cannabidiol oil (CBD) where each time you inhale, the device delivers approximately 1 mg into your body. The pre filled CBD oil that comes with Vape Bright Thrive is produced with 0 extra additives, contains 0 propylene glycol, is made to be therapeutic, and creates non-psychoactive effects. With Vape Bright it is nice to know that you are consuming the natural flavor of cannabis and not having to deal with any unwanted chemicals. As you can see in the supplement chart below the CBD oil from Vape Bright is 100% pure organic.

Vape Bright

Temperature Controls

The Vape Bright Thrive does not require you to adjust the temperature. The device is activated by your inhalations. As long as the battery has a charge and the cartridge has some CBD oil in it, all you have to do is take a draw. This is the most user friendly design and also creates a more durable and longer lasting device as less components are at risk of deteriorating.

Vape Bright Thrive Battery and Portability

The Vape Bright system is ultra portable. The design of the device resembles that of a pen and is fairly discrete. Because the device has no power button and is only activated as you inhale, the battery life on this unit is very good. Each battery charge can give you more than 100 inhalations and when the battery needs to be charged it will reach full strength again after just 30 minutes using a USB port. The battery connects to your cartridges using a 510 thread and uses a 3.2 volt setting which allows for heavy draws and creates maximum vapor.

Vape Bright Thrive Warranty/Refund Policy

Vape Bright wants its customers to feel comfortable and confident with their orders. Vape Bright is confident with their product and that is why they are able to offer the option to request a refund within 30 days of your purchase if you think the product is not for you.

How to Use the Vape Bright Thrive Vaporizer

Vape Bright Thrive is a very simple to use portable vaporizer that works with pure organic CBD hemp oil and contains no power buttons or temperature control buttons. The CBD oil is already placed into the cartridges that come with the starter kit or that you can order extra. When you have the cartridge connected to the battery (you do this by screwing it onto the end) all you need to do is inhale. That’s it! Super simple, super user friendly.

About the Manufacturer

Quality, authenticity, and innovation are the core values behind the Vape Bright company. Led by CEO Jason Hand, Vape Bright has exploded onto the portable vaporizer and health scene. With the same mindset that you would not want to put bad fuel into your car, you would not want to put harmful chemicals into your body. Vape Bright prides themselves on creating a product derived from nature that can help make people live more enjoyable lives.

Where to Buy the Vape Bright Thrive Vaporizer

The Vape Bright Thrive prefilled vaporizer can be purchased online and is one of the most affordable devices you can get. Top that off with it containing pure organic CBD oil that does not contain psychoactive effects, and you have a device that many customers are finding very useful in their daily lives. If you would like to try the Thrive vaporizer you can order one by visiting the official Vape Bright website here.

Learn More or Buy - Visit the Official Vape Bright Website Here


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