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Top Portable Cannabis Vaporizers

​Welcome to World of Vapes! On this page you will find our hand picked charts that organize the top portable cannabis vaporizers by category. ​​​Among those selected are devices from top brands such as Storz and Bickel, DaVinci, PAX, Firefly, and Arizer. These are industry staples that manufacture top quality inhalation devices worth considering. Portable cannabis vaporizers are health electronics that help to eliminate the need for a lighter in your cannabis usage. Lighters = tar and carcinogens when setting a substance on fire and breathing it into your lungs. Browse the top portable cannabis vaporizers below to find a device that’s right for you.

Top Portable Cannabis Vaporizers

Most Popular Portable Cannabis Vaporizer


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Most Flavorful

Firefly 2

Firefly2 Portabe Vaporizer

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Best Convection


Mighty vs Crafty Vaporizers

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Best Water Filtration

Hydrology 9

Water Hydrology9 Cloudious9

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Powerful Dry Herb Only

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer

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Best 3 in 1


Haze V3 Dual Vape

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Best Dabbing Device


Dipper Whip

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Vicod 5G 2 Review – Low Price, Effective Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer

Coming from Atmos is the Vicod 5G 2 which is designed to work with both wax concentrates and dry herbs. Atmos is known for manufacturing quality low priced vaporizers for the masses. If you are looking for a stylish comfortable multi-material vaporizer than this is a good option to look into. As you can see from the image below there are a number of nice color combinations that you can choose from.

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Vicod 5 review 2nd model

The Vicod 5G 2nd Generation is one of the most compact and affordable multi material vaporizers. Rge Vicod 5G 2 uses a 2200mAh lithium-polymer battery, precision to a degree temperature controls, ranging from 300F-435F, has a ceramic heating chamber to vaporize dry herbs, and a wax cup for concentrates. The outer shell is rubberized for a durable heat-resistant finish and comfortable grip.

Vicod 5G 2 Review

Where you can pick one of these up - Below you will find a link to the official website for Atmos. It is recommended to purchase directly from vaporizer manufacturers as there are cheap knockoff products in circulation related to many of the vapes on the market.

Visit the Official Atmos Website to Learn More or Buy

Quad Oven, 3 in 1 Vaporizer – the Haze Square

If you're one of the many people who have been waiting for the Haze Square vaporizer to be released, you may not have to wait much longer. In fact by the time this article is posted the Haze Square may be selling on the official Haze website. The new vaporizer from Haze is a quad oven, 3 in 1 vaporizer that allows you to switch seamlessly in just a second from one type or material to another. You can have the Haze Square preloaded for your next 4 sessions with a mix of material and also extra oven chamber pods on stand by. If you're looking for a vaporizer that can quickly get a group of picky cannabis users ‘medicated’ than the Haze Square is your new go to device. Continue reading our initial review of the Haze Square multi purpose vaporizer below.

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Haze Square Vaporizer

Oven and Vapor Method (Convection)

The new Haze Square is a very compact device. The Square would be considered very compact if it only had 1 material chamber, never mind having 4 different rotating chambers that you can position over the devices oven. The Haze Square uses convection heating as its main method to heat your material. The convection heating works with on demand heat so that their is next to no wait time in between your draws. So not only does the Haze Square use convection heating with on demand heat, you can use the dial on the back of the device to switch from one medium to the other. You can hit dry herbs one draw, wax concentrates on the next draw, THC oil on the third draw and then your choosing again on the fourth draw.

Temperature Controls for the Haze Square Vaporizer

The Haze Square features adjustable temperature from 340F – 450F. The smart temperature controls allow the device to remember your last session and where you left off. The device is designed for ease of use and once your temperature is reached the on demand heating works to maintain your temperature with each draw.

HAZE Square Vaporizer Battery and Portability

Unlike the Haze Dual V3 which uses external batteries, the Haze Square looks to use an internal battery that you will need to have charged in order to use the device. Using an internal battery is a pro to some people and negative to others. The internal battery with the Square we fill is a better way to go since this new Haze vaporizer uses on demand heating that will work to conserve battery life already. As for portability, Haze has always made it their main goal to create a product that is designed for on the go and outdoor use. The quad chamber aspect means you're ready for multiple sessions throughout the day, and the additional chamber pods just add to the portability of this compact little unit.

Visit the Official Website for HAZE to Learn More or to Buy

HAZE Vaporizer Warranty

Haze has a comparable warranty to PAX Labs. They both offer an impressive 10 year warranty on their devices. If you're Haze vaporizer is purchased from Haze and registered than you will stand a much better chance at receiving full warranty protection. To register your warranty you can do this by providing your date of purchase, device serial number, purchase price, URL if bought online and your name/email.

Haze Square

Using the Haze Square Vaporizer

As we mentioned earlier using the Haze Square is a new experience, never before have you been able to so easily switch between 3 mediums using 4 different chambers. Up until this point with other popular 3 in 1 vaporizers you would need to completely remove the cartridges and place in the new medium you wish to vape. The only other device that came close to this functionality was the previous model introduced by Haze called the Haze Dual V3. The on demand heating and smart temperature settings of the Haze Square make this an efficient and practical vaporizer.

About the Manufacturer

Haze Technologies joined the vaporizer scene in 2013 Since this time Haze has been considered as one of the top vaporizer companies to watch. Haze brings innovation to the vape industry and has been focusing on multi chamber technology. Backed by a 10 year warranty, a fast customer service experience and many vaping accessories Haze is one of our favorite vaporizer brands.

Where to Buy the Haze Square or other Haze Devices

The best place to pick up your Haze Square is from the official Haze website. It’s always a good idea to make your purchase from the official manufacturers site. In the world of portable vaporizers similar to the watch industry there have been many fake replica’s that mimic the market out to make a quick buck. We suggest that you head on over to the Official Haze website here.

Visit the Official Website for HAZE to Learn More or to Buy

G Pen Elite by Grenco Science – Works Great

Grenco Science is a company known for making high performance affordable portable vaporizers. In this article we will try to keep our focus on the G Pen Elite, but will also briefly touch on a few of the other great devices offered by Grenco Science. Grenco Science has some of the top selling vaporizers on the market, and much of this credit can be shared equally between the quality of their devices and the A-list collaborations that Grenco Science gets involved with. Among the list of collaborations with Grenco Science is Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Burton/Phil Frost, Badwood, and Taylor Gang to name a few. Continue reading to learn more about the G Pen Elite.

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Recent News from Grenco Science

Grenco Science currently has a few limited edition version of the G Pen Elite. The original model is straight black and looks very sleek. Two new models that you can currently get are the Phil Frost Burton G Pen Elite, and the Badwood G Pen Elite. You can see the three versions of the G Pen Elite in the image below.

G Pen Elite

Components and Build Quality of the G Pen Elite

Components of the G Pen Elite Vaporizer

The G Pen Elite is a very straightforward vaporizer that feels very natural to use. There are really only two parts that you need to worry about. The Mouthpiece and the unit itself. The mouthpiece is made of a rubber material

Oven and Vapor Method (Convection)

The G Pen Elite uses a combination of conduction and convection heating. The all ceramic heating chamber uses 360 degrees air flow to evenly vape your material. The G Pen Elite has one of if not the largest fully ceramic chamber on the market. You can pack big bowls for extended vaping sessions.

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Temperature Controls

With the G Pen Elite you are able to choose any temperature between 200F and 428F (93C and 200C). The Temperature control buttons are located on the side of the device and the display screen will show you what your setting the device to. An option that you have with the G Pen is to turn the device on to standby mode and choose your temperature before the unit starts heating up. Once you have chosen the temperature you want to vape your herbs at you can then hold the power button down for a second to begin heating up. There are a lot of portable vaporizers that only have a few pre set temperatures, the ability to set the G Pen Elite to any temperature to 1 degree of accuracy between the above mentioned range allows you to get the type of draw you truly prefer.

G Pen Elite Herbal Vaporizer

Battery and Portability of the G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite has a built in internal battery that you can fully charge in about 2 hours. O the device itself you will find the usb connector located at the bottom of the unit. The display screen on the device will tell you how much battery is left in your charge - this ranges from no bars up to a full charge being 4 full bars. The Battery is pretty good on the G Pen Elite, you can get around an hour of use on a single charge. The G Pen Elite is a small device, it is comparable in size to the PAX line of vaporizers. If you are looking for a very affordable herb vaporizer that performs well the G Pen Elite definitely falls into this category.

G Pen Elite Tutorial Video and box Opening with Simon Moker

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How to Use the G Pen Elite

To power on the G Pen Elite you need to click the power button quickly 5 times in a row. Once you have done this the vaporizer will be in standby mode. Holding down the power button for 1 to 2 seconds will begin a session. You will need to give the device about 30 seconds (which is pretty quick) to heat up to the temperature you wish to vape at. If you want to adjust the temperature there are 2 buttons on the side of the device to increase or decrease the oven temperature. You should pack about .2g to .35g in the G Pen Elite oven even though you can pack as much as .7g if your herb is ground up more fine. The herb is placed under the mouthpiece which comes off with a solid tug. The G Pen Elite has been designed to shut off after 40 seconds if you turn it on but do not start a session, and it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes if you do begin a session. When your desired temperature is reached you can begin taking draws, of which you can get roughly 8 to 12 nice draws from each oven pack.

About the Manufacturer

Grenco Science is a leading manufacturer in the portable vaporizer industry. Grenco Science engineers advanced devices that are designed to be very user-friendly. Grenco Science was the first company to market a tank system that was designed for essential fluids as well as aromatherapy regimens. Grenco Science as we have touched on in this article is known for working with other popular brands and celebrities to amp up their marketing efforts and to stay at the forefront of the vaping industry.

Where to Buy the G Pen Elite

Grenco Science has a wide selection of portable vaporizers. If you’re looking for a high performance vaporizer that won’t break the bank then the G Pen Elite and other G Pen vaporizers are a good option for you. To learn more about Grenco Science or to purchase one of their devices it is smart to do so at Vape-Smart. Vape-Smart has the fastest shipping and best deals.

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