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Does CBD show up on a drug test

CBD is not new by any means, yet it is just starting to become a mainstream term. CBD has many benefits for both people and animals, and there is still many things to learn about the substance.  While CBD does provide therapeutic benefits to its user, an important question on many people’s minds is whether or not CBD results in a positive drug test. If you have asked this question ‘Does CBD show up on a drug test’ you are not alone, let’s set the record straight.

Does CBD show up on a drug test

Does cannabidiol make the user test positive for marijuana, THC, cannabis?

Basics of Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD itself delivers no psychoactive effects, it is used for medicinal benefits and therapeutic reasons only. With this most employers will not care if CBD is being used. But the question still remains how does this come through in the way of a drug test.

CBD is the second most popular compound found in the hemp / marijuana plants. The benefits of CBD continue to climb as it get’s more analyzed and studied. Among the many things that CBD has been noted to help with includes:

  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Convulsions

CBD can be used directly from the leaf form in an electronic device known as a vaporizer (best vaporizer to buy). CBD oil is when you extract the oil from the leaf form. There are vaporizers designed to vape this extracted oil as well, they are called oil vaporizers. There are a few other ways that the oil can be used or applied:

  • Orally
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Topically

A growing method of CBD use is to apply the oil to skin topically, people have be found to have relief from many skin conditions and notice healthier skin by doing so.

Does CBD show up on a drug test

When you do a drug test that is looking for traces of THC does CBD create a positive result. This will likely depend on the product that you are using and the amount of THC that the CBD product contains. There are a wide range of products that sit in the middle ground between a THC dominant product and a CBD dominant product. It is however getting easier to find products that are 100% CBD or very close to it with little to no traces of THC.

A smart course of action is to look into the products you are using. Read the labels and see what the levels of CBD and THC are. If there are small amounts of THC in it than read some other customer reviews to see what they have to say. Look for comments where another person was tested after using the product in question. If you stick to the more high quality oils and other CBD based products you should be ok. It does not hurt however to do you due diligence and read up on what you intend to use.

Extracts that  do not contain any THC will not cause a positive drug test result. Using high quality CBD oil, typical urine tests will likely return negative results. If you have been using other CBD products or cannabis products than those will factor in and depending on what you are using in its entirety will show up on a drug test.

Problem with CBD products and drug tests

The problem lies with the volume of CBD products a person is using in combination with the THC level in the product being used. There will always be a chance that traces of THC if exists in a product that it will show up on a drug test. Keeping medical records and purchase receipts for CBD products can come in handy just in case. Hopefully this helps your understanding of ‘Does CBD show up on a drug test’.


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