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Gaming While Getting High Has Never Been Easier – Smokeey Ring

The Smokeey Ring comes in a wide array of colors and is one of the most affordable little cannabis products you can get to elevate your gaming sessions or any other type of activity you need your hands for while smoking a joint or blunt. The Smokeey Ring is a snug and stable joint holder that is made from vegan materials that allows you to perform other tasks at the same time as performing a session. If you need to hold 10 or more lit joints at the same time - you can get 10 or more smokeeys! Edward joint hands style.

Smokeey Ring Joint Holder

If you are looking to purchase some stocking stuffers or little party gifts for a cannabis heavy crowd the Smokeey Ring is the perfect little gift. The Smokee Ring is a very affordable cannabis product on that you can get for under $5. The Smokee Ring is the top joint holder currently available on the market. The Smokee Ring does not use any metal or the typical rollie wire that you see in other rollie holding alternatives.

Smokeey Ring J holder

The Smokee is available in many different colors - you can get red, white, green, blue, black, yellow, pink. If your a gamer chick that likes to mix and match you can pair it up with your finger nails or lovely attire ;). Guys I imagine most of you don't care about color combo so maybe black or blue would be the best way to go to keep it looking more fresh as time progresses.

Blunt holder smokeey ring

You don't have to be a rocket scientist these days to create a product that people flock to and love. Something as simple as the Smokeey Ring can take off and provide the most simple enjoyment and easy of use to be a hit. A few of the top reasons people have been so drawn to the Smokee Ring is because its new and there are not many things like it on the market, it takes no learning and is easy to use and the gives the ability to go about your daily life while performing a session at the same time. Got work to do on the phone while having a beer while smoking a j - Smokeey ring can help. If your busy working on the laptop, or your in a fierce battle in a video game, the Smokee is made to keep your joint immobilized as you perform other tasks.

Where to Wear the Smokeey Ring

The recommended best spot for you to wear the Smokeey Ring is on your 'proximal phalanx' part of your finger, but of course if it fits else wear and is comfortable for you it is a personal preference of where it works best. With the phalanx positioning however - keeping your joint in this position helps ash from flying all over the place and also generate enough of a breeze to keep the joint lit. The stretchy material of the Smokeey fits a wide range of finger sizes as well as a wide range of joint sizes. The material holds your joint tightly while allowing for the maximum airflow to still pass through it.

Where to Buy the Smokeey Ring

You have the option of getting a blue, green, yellow, white, black, clear, pink or a red Smokeey Ring. You can order individually or in packs of 3 or 5. You can buy the Smokeey Ring by visiting the International-Highlife Shop Here.

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