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The most popular portable vaporizer brand. Long lasting battery, easy and enjoyable to use, hassle free maintenance, compatible with dry herbs and waxy extracts.

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Welcome to - Here you can browse, learn, and shop the best vaporizer deals. On this page you will find links where you can narrow your search by budget. We have an extensive list of reviews that will help you to better understand all the best vaporizers in the industry. We filter out the bad so you can focus on the good.

In many of the reviews you will find a tutorial video that you can watch to see how each device performs. Be sure to check out a few of the different vapes to pin point the one that is right for you. Remember not all vaporizers are designed to vape the same materials and some are meant for dry herbs while others are designed for concentrates. There are a number of vaporizers that can vape multiple mediums so be sure to understand what it is your looking for and what each is capable of.

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