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Volcano Vaporizer – Best Vaporizer of All Time

The Volcano Vaporizer - ever heard of it? Of course you have. The Volcano is without a doubt the most popular vaporizer of all time, it is German engineered to perfection. The Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit both operate at the same performance level so no matter which model you get you will be vaping your material with the top of the line device. The Volcano is designed to gently vape and extract plant material in a very efficient manner.

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Visit Vape-Smart Here to Learn More or Buy the Volcano Classic

Classic Volcano Vaporizer

Shown in image above - Classic Volcano Desktop Vaporizer

There are a great deal of vaporizer companies that are out to make a quick buck that produce low-quality devices that use un-precise temperature controls. The Volcano which comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty is an investment. Through reading customers reviews that have owned their same Volcano for 15 years and still praise the device, you can begin to see why it is so popular and worth the hefty price tag.

Volcano Digit Vaporizer - Digital Temperature Controls

Visit Vape-Smart Here to Learn More or Buy the Volcano Digital

Visit Vape-Smart Here to Learn More or Buy the Volcano Classic

Shown in image above - Digital Temperature Volcano Desktop Vaporizer

Components and Build Quality of the Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is getting old - it is in its late teenage years at 17 years old. The Volcano Vaporizer is an iconic device that revolutionized the cannabis industry and continues to be known as the pioneer device among all vaporizers. Both the Volcano Classic or the Volcano Digit, in combination with the patented Easy Valve/Balloon system and High Grade materials the Volcano is a powerful and efficient piece of machinery when it comes to vaping dry herbs.

Volcano Oven and Vapor Method (Convection)

The Volcano is a premium desktop vaporizer with full hot air convection heating that utilizes Storz and Bickel’s patented removable valve balloon design that allows inhalation with next to zero draw resistance. Both the Classic and the Digit Volcano operate the same way. The Digit Volcano just includes the LED display for the more modern techy user.

Temperature Controls for the Volcano Vaporizer

For the Volcano Digit the temperature adjustment is controlled using the plus and minus buttons and is shown to the user on the LED display. The Volcano Digit temperature range operates between 40°C to 230°C (104°F to 446°F).

For the Volcano Classic the temperature adjustment is controlled using the rotatable wheel on the front of the device that uses a scale from 1 to 9. The Volcano Classic temperature range operates between 130°C to 230°C (266°F to 446°F).

Visit Vape-Smart Here to Learn More or Buy the Volcano Digital

Visit Vape-Smart Here to Learn More or Buy the Volcano Classic

Volcano Portability (Desktop Vaporizer)

The Volcano is a desktop or home use vaporizer. It cannot be controlled using batteries unless we're talking about a battery that supports devices that can be plugged into it. If you do wish to travel or bring the Volcano vaporizer around with you it does come in a great travel carrying bag. The carrying bag has pouches and sections for all the accessories and helps to keep the device in good condition while on the go.

Volcano Vaporizer Warranty

Both the Volcano Digit and the Volcano Classic come with a manufacturer's warranty of 3 years. The Volcano is a very durable and well made device that has been manufactured with German engineering. Customers have owned the Volcano for upwards of 17 years and still say that the device works the same as it did when they first got it.

How to Use the Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano may look like a spaceship, but it is in fact one of the easiest to use vaporizers. To turn on the Volcano you flip the red switch to the on position and you will see the red light turn on (make sure the device is plugged into an outlet). The Volcano will take approximately 3 minutes on lower set temperatures and about 5 minutes on higher temperatures to reach your desired temperature. While the Volcano is heating up you can take this time to prep your material. The material can be placed into the filling chamber and then put on top of the Volcano. Next, you can attach the valve balloon and press the green switch. This will begin the Valve Balloon vapor inflation process and after about half a minute to one minute the balloon will be ready to start inhaling through. You will need to press the green button one more time to disconnect the valve balloon from the Volcano. Finally, attach the mouthpiece to the balloon and inhale the vapor!

About the Manufacturer

The Volcano company first began in 1996 by co founder Markus Storz. In the year 1998, he filed a patent for the removable Valve Balloon”. In 2000, he filed another patent for his invention of the heating block as a heat exchanger. Sales of the Volcano vaporizer began to quickly outgrow the manufacturing capabilities and as a result the company was restructured as “Storz & Bickel GmbH & Co. KG” which was founded in December of 2002. Both Markus Storz and Jürgen Bickel are equal partners of the company.

Where to Buy the Volcano Vaporizer

You can purchase your Volcano Classic, Digit or other popular devices from Vape-Smart. Vape-Smart is an authorized retailer for Storz and Bickel devices including the Plenty, Mighty, and Crafty devices.

Visit Vape-Smart Here to Learn More or Buy the Volcano Digital

Visit Vape-Smart Here to Learn More or Buy the Volcano Classic

Desktop Vaporizer Reviews

Desktop Vaporizer Reviews

Best Choice for Desktop: Overall Quality and Performance

The Volcano Desktop Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel. The Volcano is by far the most popular vaporizer of all time and has been an industry favorite for over 15 years. The Volcano is a top of the line premium vaporizer that efficiently and evenly heats your materials. The Volcano is a highly durable desktop vaporizer. Read our full Volcano Vaporizer Review.

Extreme Q Vaporizer

Best Deal where Price meets Performance for a Desktop Vaporizer

The Extreme Q Vaporizer from Arizer. The Extreme Q is one of the most popular choices for many people looking to get  good deal without having to sacrifice that much quality. To most vaporizer users you will not notice any loss of vaping quality between the Volcano and the Extreme Q. The big selling point of the Extreme Q is that it costs less than half the amount of the Volcano. Read our full Extreme Q Vaporizer Review.

Party Desktop Vaporizer

Best Party Desktop Vaporizer - Social Gatherings

The Vapir Rise 2.0. The Vapir Rise 2.0 is a perfect desktop vaporizer for social occasions and group sessions. Making sure that everyone is on the same level at the same time, the Vapir Rise is a unique and powerful desktop vaporizer. Read our full Vapir Rise 2.0 Vaporizer Review.

VapeXhale EVO Vaporizer

VapeXhale EVO - Versatile / Glass Pieces

The VapeXhale EVO is a fun and easy to use desktop vaporizer that is very efficient. The EVO can be used with most water bubblers and glass pieces. It can be used for both dry herbs and concentrates. Read our full VapeXhale EVO Vaporizer Review.


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