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Puri5 Magnum 2 Vaporizer Review

About the Magnum 2 Vaporizer

Seen in the image below is the new dry herb vaporizer called the Magnum 2 by Puri5 in its two forms. On the left is the standard glass mouthpiece and on the right is a water filtration bubbler mouthpiece. The Magnum 2 vaporizer is priced well below the $200 mark and retails for $150us. This device has grown in popularity very quickly due to its solid build quality and high performance. Continue below to view some videos of this thing in action and to learn more about its components and features in our Pufi5 Magnum 2 vaporizer review.

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Puri5 Magnum 2 Vaporizer

The Puri5 Magnum currently sits at the top of our recommended best vaporizers under $150 list and is a strong contender in the best vaporizers under $200 for its unique functionality and strong vapor delivery.

Magnum 2 Vaporizer Video

Puri5 has taken the vaporizer pen-style concept a step further and the new Magnum 2 uses an adjustable isolated air path, premium grade heat absorbing, a fully anodized aluminum housing, a extremely long lasting crystalline ceramic oven, a removable/replaceable (18650B) battery, and finally a water filtration bubbler which makes this device awesome.

Specifications of the Magnum 2 Vaporizer

The Magnum 2 vaporizer has a full anodized aluminum body, an OLED display, a crystalline ceramic oven that is polished and a pyrex glass mouthpiece. The device uses a digital temperature range from 320 to 439 degrees and boasts am adjustable airflow. A key feature that makes the Magnum great for portable use is the removable rechargeable battery which allows for unlimited vaping depending on how many spare batteries you use in conjunction with it.

The Magnum 2 vaporizer uses vibration notifications to notify you when the device turns on, turns off, and when it has reached your desired temperature. Vibrations similar to that when your phone gets a text or is on vibrate mode keeps you alert and helps to notify you if the device turns on unintentionally. The built in memory will save your previous sessions settings and will begin as you left off, this saves you from having to custom set it each time you turn the vaporizer on.

The Magnum 2 weighs only 250 grams and its size is 172mm by 30mm. Additional safety features and functions that help to save your battery are sleep mode, wake mode, and auto off mode. The standalone air path keeps your vapor free from flowing through electronics and the glass mouthpiece's are the right material used to help cool vapor down and keep your draws smooth.

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Included in the Magnum 2 Package

  • 1 Magnum Pen 2
  • 1 18650B 3200mAh Battery
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Additional Pyrex glass mouthpiece
  • 1 Packing tool
  • 1 Clean Brush
  • 1 mouthpiece cover
  • 3 Screen filter
  • 1 User Manual
Puri5 Vaporizer Kit Magnum 2

Where to Get the Magnum 2 Vaporizer

The best place to buy the Magnum 2 vaporizer is directly from the manufacturers official website here. The Puri5 is currently in high demand and is on our list of top vaporizer deals of 2017.

PAX 3 Compact Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer

PAX in one of the most recognizable brands in the cannabis community. PAX is known for creating innovative devices and with the creation of their first PAX vaporizer that worked with dry herbs they showed that a powerful vaporizer could be packed into a very compact little device. Growing from the success of their first model PAX has made the very popular version 2 and not the highly acclaimed PAX 3 that works with both dry herbs and concentrates. We will discuss what makes PAX so highly sought after and what components and features make up the PAX 3 portable vaporizer.

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Components and Build Quality of the PAX 3

Materials Used - PAX 3 Vaporizer

The PAX 3 is built using medical grade materials. The PAX brand has always focused on bringing to market only the best quality products that they can. The finish is a high polished anodized aluminum. The PAX vaporizers are tough, when your first hold it in your hand you instantly get the feeling of a strong well built powerful device.

Oven and Vapor Method (Conduction)

The PAX 3 oven has been designed to work with both dry herbs and concentrates and is 2x more powerful than the PAX 2 oven. In the package that you get comes a concentrate insert, in just seconds you can switch between the two mediums, this is a new feature with the PAX 3 and did not exist in the first two models. Which ever medium you are using with the PAX 3 you can expect equally dense vapor. The PAX 3 uses conduction heating primarily but with each draw you are also creating a convection effect. The package that you get contains two different oven lids, these oven lids allow you to pack the chamber half full or completely full depending on the length and size of the session you wish to have.

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Temperature Controls for the PAX 3 Vaporizer

The PAX 3 has 4 pre set temperature settings and is able to reach them very fast. The PAX 3 is about 3 times faster than the PAX 2 and is able to reach your desired heat in about 15 seconds. When you are connected to the free PAX vapor app you are able to swipe through temperature settings by either 5 degrees or 1 degree. By swiping left and right you increase and decrease the temperature by increments of 5 degrees, and using the up and down swipe arrows you will do the same by just 1 degree in either direction. The PAX app also has some impressive heating features called heating profiles, with this you can select between different modes and what you are after for your next draws. For example, you can set the device to ‘flavor’ which uses more on demand heating - this setting works really well if you are slightly distracted but still performing a session. Regardless of what you are doing the PAX heating option have a setting that will cater to your current situation. After using the PAX 3 and really getting to know the device it will be hard to switch back to a more simple vaporizer without all the bells and whistles. Other heating modes include ‘boost’, ‘standard’, ‘efficiency’ and ‘stealth’.

PAX 3 Vaporizer Battery and Portability

The PAX 3 battery is a huge improvement over the PAX 2, the battery is twice as powerful which allows for the oven to also be twice as powerful. The initial heat up time for the device is about 15 to 22 seconds depending on your preferred vaping temperature. The Battery is a 3500 mAh compared to that of the 3000 mAh for the PAX 2 and the 2600 mAh for the original PAX vaporizer. PAX is definitely one of the most portable vaporizers, you are able to get protective cases similar to what you would get for your smartphone or tablet, but even without a protective casing the PAX 3 is a tough device that can get bounced around while you travel and still work fine with little to no wear and tear.

PAX Vaporizer Warranty/Refund Policy

PAX has one of the best warranties in the industry with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. If you are having troubles with your device or it happens to have a defective component or defective battery PAX will take care of that for you. It is important to register your device so that your information is in their system and your warranty will be valid.

PAX 3 Review

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Using the PAX Vaporizer

PAX has done a really good job at making a very simple device that anyone can pick up and know how to use. Its has just one button and then a combination of motion sensors that you can quickly get used to when using the device. The app that you can download for free to your smartphone is where the PAX 3 can get a little more complicated, but the app is a bonus that you don’t necessarily need to use. Out of the box the PAX comes with 4 pre set temperatures that you can cycle through by pressing down on the mouth piece.

When the PAX has reached the set temperature it will vibrate to let you know the device is ready. Vaporizer vibrations are actually a very crucial feature and vaporizers without this functionality tend to waste a lot more of the user's herb as cannabis users can lose focus at times.

PAX Games - The PAX 3 has built in games that you can play. The first game is a way to get the device to randomly choose between a direction. To make this game more fun you can give each direction a real life meaning and action or make the direction indicate that a person will have to do something.. Kinda like spin the bottle. The second game is more of an individual game where you have to tilt the device in a certain direction as to not land on the red leaf of the PAX symbol. So you will need to try and have it tilted towards the white lit up PAX pedals. The final game is a pattern game where you need to create your own pattern and then add to it, you can play this game on your own and see how far you can get, or you can play with others and pass the device off. These 3 games definitely add to the device and make it very unique in the world of portable vaporizers.

About the Manufacturer

PAX Labs was founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates that made it their goal to make smoking obsolete. PAX Labs is behind the creations of the 3 PAX models as well as the PAX era and PAX Juul devices. PAX prides themselves on delivering quality made products that are backed by a 10 year warranty.

Where to Buy the PAX 3 or other PAX Devices

The best place to pick up your PAX devices is from either a truster authorized dealer such as Vape-Smart or through the official PAX website. There have been many copy cat companies out there making fake versions of the popular PAX vaporizer. To ensure that you get a genuine device and that your warranty is valid you should head over to either Vape-Smart or the official PAX website and make your purchase there. Vape-Smart currently has a deal where you get a free grinder with the purchase of the PAX 3 and the price on both the official PAX site and Vape-Smart are the same.

Visit PAX Official Site for the best deal on the PAX 3

Apollo AirVape XS Dry Herb Vaporizer – Quality Meets Affordability

The Apollo AirVape XS is one of the most well built and best performing portable vaporizers in the mid price range category. If you are looking for a good deal that will give you a dependable, durable and compact dry herb vaporizer this is one of your best options. The AirVape is a straightforward performer with a hybrid oven. You are able to turn this device into a concentrate vaporizer with the additional concentrate cup extension. Continue reading below to learn more about the AirVape XS.

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Components and Build Quality of the AirVape XS

Components of the AirVape XS Vaporizer

For the price you're paying the AirVape XS is definitely above average when you consider the performance and durability of this device. The glass mouthpiece works to deliver a cooler hit and the unit is cased by a scratch resistant metal. The oven that holds your dry herbs is made of ceramic material. When the vapor leaves the oven it takes a clean path through the device and travels through the glass mouthpiece where there is a stainless steel screen for an extra layer of filtering.

AirVape XS

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A great new case has recently been released for the AirVape XS that helps to keep th device clean and safe while you're travelling. An issue that existed with the old version of the AirVape is that the mouthpiece was left unprotected. The new case fits snug against the device and is dirt proof and water resistant.

Oven and Vapor Method (Conduction and Convection)

The AirVape XS is a hybrid vaporizer that uses both convection and conduction heating techniques. The AirVape uses forced air in combination with direct touch heating to vaporize your material. Combining the two heating methods together allows for shorter draws to be more effective. The AirVape XS might not have a lot of bells and whistles, but the performance given is what makes it such a great deal. The oven capacity allows for about .2g to .25g at a time.

Vaporizer AirVape XS

Temperature Controls for the AirVape XS Vaporizer

The AirVape XS uses exact temperature control. So instead of having a few preset temperatures like a lot of the popular portable vaporizer the AirVape can be set at any temperature with it oven heating range capacity. A recommended temperature to use with the AirVape to get good sized vapor clouds is 350 to 390. With the AirVape you need to take into consideration that the oven is a bit smaller and also heats up very fast. You should grind your dry herbs up nice and fine.

AirVape XS Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

AirVape XS Vaporizer Battery and Portability

The AirVape XS comes with a 1300mAh battery that will get you about 35 to 45 minutes of actual usage. With this vaporizer you are also allowed to use it while it's charging.This means as long as you are around power their does not have to be any down time when you want to use the device. To conserve the battery life you can use the device at a lower temperature such as 300 and when you don’t need to conserve battery you can bump it up to 400. Using the device at a higher temperature like 400 will only give you about 30 minutes of usage.

Review of the Pink AirVape XS Vaporizer

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AirVape XS Vaporizer Warranty/Refund Policy

Apollo has a limited lifetime warranty on their products. This limited warranty covers the unit exclusive of the battery. The battery can also be replaced upon request. Like all warranties you should read it over to get a good understanding of what it covers and what it doesn’t. Usually things like normal product deterioration is not covered while factory defects are. Apollo likes to treat their existing customers with respect. If you are an existing registered owner of any of the previous models of Apollo's vaporizers you can request a new model for the fraction of the regular price

How to Use the AirVape XS Vaporizer

To turn the device on you press the power button 3 times, it will begin to heat up. By default the AirVape is set to 365 degrees, it will vibrate letting you know it has reached the desired temperature. If you like you can change the temperature and the device will remember the last temperature that you set and vibrate once that temperature is reached. You are able to change the temperature by pressing the up and down arrows located below the display screen. The display screen shows you the amount of battery life you have left, you can also see the amount of time you have left in a session before the device automatically shuts off. When the AirVape XS automatically turns off to give the oven a break it will again vibrate to let you know that your session has expired. You can change the automatic shut off time from 1 minute to 5 minutes.

About the Manufacturer

AirVape by Apollo is made in California USA. The company behind the AirVape XS are passionate about their product and seem to take good care of their customers. AirVape aims to build one of the lightest and thinnest portable vaporizers you can get today.

Where to Buy the New AirVape XS

The AirVape XS is one of the best units you can get for the price range it's in. The device operates on a level comparable to some of the top vaporizers. If you want to learn more about the AirVape or get one for yourself you can do so by visiting the Apollo official site here. You can also get an upgraded limited edition of the AirVape that you can learn more about by visiting their official site. Seen in the image below is the black and gold AirVape XS Special Edition.

Visit the Official Website for AirVape to Learn More or to Buy

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