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Arizer Air 2 or PAX 3 – Which is Better

For years, we cried out for a device that would allow us to vape discretely and which we could fit comfortably into our pockets. Ten years ago, the original PAX answered our prayers. Then along came Arizer with its Air and Air 2, which have taken a strong segment of the portable vaporizer market share. Now PAX hits back with a huge price drop for the PAX 2 and PAX 3. Which one of these popular portable vaporizers comes out on top in our road test? Read on to find out…

Vapor Flavor Quality

Arizer Air 2

Arizer Air 2

The vapor quality of the Air 2 is good. It’s smooth and full of flavor, and the clouds are a lot denser than those the PAX 3 can manage. In this respect, the Air 2 isn’t much of an improvement on the original Air model, but it does still do better than PAX 3. The Air 2 provides a smooth cool draw that lets you enjoy the full flavor of your herbs. This is due to the all-glass vapor path, which is easy to keep clean and avoids flavour contamination. The glass also helps cool the vapor as you inhale, which gives a smoother taste.A drawback to the glass stem is that it constricts airflow. Air 2 goes some way toward fixing this, but it’s still noticeable.



The vapor quality of the PAX 3 is not much of an improvement on that produced by the PAX 2. It’s smooth and satisfying and can be modified by selecting a different temperature and heating mode. However, the PAX 3 is still a conduction device, which will never produce the purest flavor that convection does. The biggest improvement that PAX 3 makes to its predecessor is in the customizability of its heating modes. Those who enjoy denser vapor and quicker sessions can now opt for a ‘boost’ mode. Those who like more flavor will love the ‘flavor’ profile, which ups the cooling of the vapor between draws to sustain the flavor of your herbs.Being able to customize how the heating modes work is pretty impressive. Other units let you adjust temperature profiles, but not how the unit actually heats your herb. PAX 3 gives you a bit more customization and changes how you interact with the vaporizer.

Build Quality and Durability

Arizer Air 2

Arizer is known for the manufacturing quality of its products. They’re durable and easy-care. The Achilles’ heel of the Air 2, however, remains its removable glass tubes. While glass gives great vapor quality, it’s fragile and you can find yourself having to frequently buy replacement parts. The glass components of the Ait 2 however are made from Borosilicate. This makes them very resistant to thermal shock and thermal stress. They also have a high chemical resistance to corrosive environments.The Air 2 comes with unlocked precision temperature control, ranging from 180-215°C. This gives users a decent choice of temperatures at which to cook and is a huge improvement on the five fixed heat settings the original Air offered.The Air 2 is operated by three buttons and a digital display. The bottom button is the on-off switch and doubles as the menu button to access all the device settings. The top two are + and – buttons for temperature adjustment. This gives the user enhanced temperature control compared to the original Air.


The Pax 3 is pretty much the same in appearance and build as Pax 2. Not much has changed in the dimensions of the heating chamber, vapor path or mouthpiece. The main difference lies in the exterior finish, which is gloss instead of brushed aluminium.The biggest changes are to be found in the functionality of the device. For example, the PAX 3 comes with a half-pack chamber, which allows you to use less herb. It also comes with a canister for use with waxes and concentrates. This appears to make the PAX 3 much more multifunctional, but our experience is that the oven doesn’t get hot enough to properly vaporize concentrates and your left with a sticky mess inside the canister which is difficult to clean off. And for some reason best known to the designer, the wax attachment doesn’t sit flush when it’s inserted. It sticks out slightly, which is a bit worrying. From a build quality point of view, there’s not a lot wrong with the PAX 3. It comes with a Bluetooth app for further customization. It also succeeds in increasing the battery capacity without having had to increase the size of the device. In terms of the build itself, we reckon they’ve applied the old adage “If it ain’t broke…”

Battery and Portability

Arizer Air 2

The portability of the Air 2 is much the same as that of the original Air, unless you count the improved battery life. That is a definite improvement. In terms of battery life, we found the Air 2 to last about 45 minutes between charges. This equates to about 2-3 sessions per charge. That said, the Air 2 battery does have a higher capacity than the original Air model, and gives a slightly better performance when out and about.

The main shortcoming of the Air 2 remains the glass air stems, which you have to remove from the device and carry separately. Also, the fact they are glass means they are easily breakable. You need to have something to carry the unit in, like a vaporizer case, and use caps for the stems. The last thing you want is a glass stem breaking in your pocket.


The increase in battery capacity will definitely get you an additional session or two before having to recharge. We found that the battery lasted an hour and a half, which is pretty impressive for a device this size.The Pax 3 also charges really quickly. We got it back up to full charge from fully depleted in 100 minutes Again, pretty impressive.As with the Pax 2, the Pax 3 is one of the most portable vaporizers around. At just 4” tall and a little over 1” wide, it can easily be slipped unobtrusively into a pocket or purse.

Size and Discreteness

Arizer Air 2

The Air 2 is similar in size to its predecessor. It resembles a larger vape pen or e-cig. In all, with the glass stem extended, the Air 2 is about seven inches tall, which make it pretty unobtrusive.


Because of its compact size, Pax 3 is a very discreet unit and can easily be concealed in your hand. The Pax 3 also features a stealth mode, which dims the logo light and cools the chamber between draws to minimize smell.

Our Opinion - Winner

Both the Air 2 and the PAX 3 are great devices. Both do the job required of them and both provide a very flavorable vapor. However, for us, the Air 2 just has the edge. It gives a better flow, you get more sessions between charges, and as a convection device it gives better vapor quality. Which, when it comes right down to it, is what we’re after!

You can purchase the Arizer Air 2 here.

You can purchase the PAX 3 here.

PAX 3 Compact Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer

PAX in one of the most recognizable brands in the cannabis community. PAX is known for creating innovative devices and with the creation of their first PAX vaporizer that worked with dry herbs they showed that a powerful vaporizer could be packed into a very compact little device. Growing from the success of their first model PAX has made the very popular version 2 and not the highly acclaimed PAX 3 that works with both dry herbs and concentrates. We will discuss what makes PAX so highly sought after and what components and features make up the PAX 3 portable vaporizer.

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Components and Build Quality of the PAX 3

Materials Used - PAX 3 Vaporizer

The PAX 3 is built using medical grade materials. The PAX brand has always focused on bringing to market only the best quality products that they can. The finish is a high polished anodized aluminum. The PAX vaporizers are tough, when your first hold it in your hand you instantly get the feeling of a strong well built powerful device.

Oven and Vapor Method (Conduction)

The PAX 3 oven has been designed to work with both dry herbs and concentrates and is 2x more powerful than the PAX 2 oven. In the package that you get comes a concentrate insert, in just seconds you can switch between the two mediums, this is a new feature with the PAX 3 and did not exist in the first two models. Which ever medium you are using with the PAX 3 you can expect equally dense vapor. The PAX 3 uses conduction heating primarily but with each draw you are also creating a convection effect. The package that you get contains two different oven lids, these oven lids allow you to pack the chamber half full or completely full depending on the length and size of the session you wish to have.

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Temperature Controls for the PAX 3 Vaporizer

The PAX 3 has 4 pre set temperature settings and is able to reach them very fast. The PAX 3 is about 3 times faster than the PAX 2 and is able to reach your desired heat in about 15 seconds. When you are connected to the free PAX vapor app you are able to swipe through temperature settings by either 5 degrees or 1 degree. By swiping left and right you increase and decrease the temperature by increments of 5 degrees, and using the up and down swipe arrows you will do the same by just 1 degree in either direction. The PAX app also has some impressive heating features called heating profiles, with this you can select between different modes and what you are after for your next draws. For example, you can set the device to ‘flavor’ which uses more on demand heating - this setting works really well if you are slightly distracted but still performing a session. Regardless of what you are doing the PAX heating option have a setting that will cater to your current situation. After using the PAX 3 and really getting to know the device it will be hard to switch back to a more simple vaporizer without all the bells and whistles. Other heating modes include ‘boost’, ‘standard’, ‘efficiency’ and ‘stealth’.

PAX 3 Vaporizer Battery and Portability

The PAX 3 battery is a huge improvement over the PAX 2, the battery is twice as powerful which allows for the oven to also be twice as powerful. The initial heat up time for the device is about 15 to 22 seconds depending on your preferred vaping temperature. The Battery is a 3500 mAh compared to that of the 3000 mAh for the PAX 2 and the 2600 mAh for the original PAX vaporizer. PAX is definitely one of the most portable vaporizers, you are able to get protective cases similar to what you would get for your smartphone or tablet, but even without a protective casing the PAX 3 is a tough device that can get bounced around while you travel and still work fine with little to no wear and tear.

PAX Vaporizer Warranty/Refund Policy

PAX has one of the best warranties in the industry with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. If you are having troubles with your device or it happens to have a defective component or defective battery PAX will take care of that for you. It is important to register your device so that your information is in their system and your warranty will be valid.

PAX 3 Review

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Using the PAX Vaporizer

PAX has done a really good job at making a very simple device that anyone can pick up and know how to use. Its has just one button and then a combination of motion sensors that you can quickly get used to when using the device. The app that you can download for free to your smartphone is where the PAX 3 can get a little more complicated, but the app is a bonus that you don’t necessarily need to use. Out of the box the PAX comes with 4 pre set temperatures that you can cycle through by pressing down on the mouth piece.

When the PAX has reached the set temperature it will vibrate to let you know the device is ready. Vaporizer vibrations are actually a very crucial feature and vaporizers without this functionality tend to waste a lot more of the user's herb as cannabis users can lose focus at times.

PAX Games - The PAX 3 has built in games that you can play. The first game is a way to get the device to randomly choose between a direction. To make this game more fun you can give each direction a real life meaning and action or make the direction indicate that a person will have to do something.. Kinda like spin the bottle. The second game is more of an individual game where you have to tilt the device in a certain direction as to not land on the red leaf of the PAX symbol. So you will need to try and have it tilted towards the white lit up PAX pedals. The final game is a pattern game where you need to create your own pattern and then add to it, you can play this game on your own and see how far you can get, or you can play with others and pass the device off. These 3 games definitely add to the device and make it very unique in the world of portable vaporizers.

About the Manufacturer

PAX Labs was founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates that made it their goal to make smoking obsolete. PAX Labs is behind the creations of the 3 PAX models as well as the PAX era and PAX Juul devices. PAX prides themselves on delivering quality made products that are backed by a 10 year warranty.

Where to Buy the PAX 3 or other PAX Devices

The best place to pick up your PAX devices is from either a truster authorized dealer such as Vape-Smart or through the official PAX website. There have been many copy cat companies out there making fake versions of the popular PAX vaporizer. To ensure that you get a genuine device and that your warranty is valid you should head over to either Vape-Smart or the official PAX website and make your purchase there. Vape-Smart currently has a deal where you get a free grinder with the purchase of the PAX 3 and the price on both the official PAX site and Vape-Smart are the same.

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