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Best Vapes List – Chosen and Voted By You

With hundreds upon hundreds of vapes on the market it can be a little bit of a challenge to find the best vapes that suit your style and needs. Here we have a list that has been compiled and voted upon by vape enthusiasts to help others in choosing the best vape for them. Vapes are becoming more sophisticated, more powerful, and feature packed. In an ever changing market we thought it be necessary to have an on going voting style list to keep track of the best of the best.

Clarification - This list is for Vapes 'E-Liquid Vape Mods' (not cannabis vaporizers)

Best Vapes

Currently there is no specific order as we are currently accepting votes for the top vapes. Stay tuned as we will be updating this page from time to time to reflect nominations and feedback from the industry.

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The order of the vapes will take into consideration the following:

  • Build Quality
  • Vapor Production
  • Flavor Quality
  • Portability
  • Features

Here is a list of the current nominations for best vapes with a short description of each:

If you are new to vape mods, e-liquids and tank systems - learn about them by reading an informational vape guide.


It has a large 1.3 inch OLED screen that offers HD display and the unit weighs only 151 grams. The tank capacity is very good at 5ml and has a shield shaped design. Some of the salient features include the anti-slip grip for the key and the multiple colored options for the LED backlight. You can upgrade the firmware using USB port.

Aspire Zelos

The Aspire Zelos comes in different colors and the design is very sleek and stylish. It is very compact and gives the optimal flavor according to the settings chosen by the user. You also have the provision to adjust the temperature and voltage according to your requirements. It comes with a top fill arrangement and you can easily use the fuel of your choice for the unit.

Smok AL85

This is the best choice when you want to use a miniature version of the regular mode. It is very easy to operate the unit as it comes with a side fire switch feature. Along with that, you will also be satisfied with the overall test it offers and it is also equipped with different settings for controlling the temperature of the unit.

Aspire Plato

When you want to get the best all in one kit, you can choose the Aspire Plato as it offers different versions for the beginners as well as advanced users. You can store the liquid in different ports and it is also possible to adjust the airflow to suit your taste. You can even perform the firmware upgrade using the USB port.

Joyetech eGrip 2

It is very elegant in design and also comes with real time clock that offers numeric display. The battery is protected from overcharging with the help of the dual circuit protection feature. You can use the top filling mechanism to refill the unit. You also get a direct lung, head option that offers good vaping experience.


The unit comes with adjustable airflow slots and you can use it to get the desired vape of your choice. You can easily carry the unit in your pocket and it also comes with a spiral tank that offers the best taste. The best part about SMOKG80 is that it comes with the automatic inhale cut off for 12 seconds.

Wismec RX Mini

If you like the pocket friendly design, you will fall in love with this unit. It also offers different modes for vaping and comes with dual circuit protection features that will protect the unit from excessive heat. The filling option and air flow control are given at the top of the unit and the powerful battery delivers the best output of 80W.

Smok Alien 220

The overall design is very attractive even though it is slightly on the heavier side when compared to other units. The side fire button feature makes it easy for you to operate the unit find all the details can be clearly seen on the OLED screen. You can easily manage the firmware upgradation through the USB slot.

Smok GX 2/4

It is very light in weight and comes with different modes to control the temperature of the unit. The dual battery configuration is the unique feature of this item that has tank capacity of 5 ml. The dual battery gives optimum power to the unit and you will be completely satisfied with the different options available in the mod.

iStick Pico 25

This is a powerful vaping kit that also looks very stylish and the Pico style design comes with a large screen that displays all the important information. You can easily upgrade the firmware and adjust the airflow by twisting the base of the unit. It also has a dual circuit protection and other features.


The unique pen style kit is ideally suited for experienced users as well as beginners. It offers better airflow and good amount of cloud due to the dual coil atomizer system. The strong inbuilt battery will last for the whole day and the unit also comes with auto cut off mechanism for 8 seconds. It also has short circuit protection and a tank of 2 ML capacity.

Eleaf iStick Pico RDTA

The dripping tank atomizer can be rebuilt and this is one of the cheapest RDTA available in the market. The tank capacity is 4.2 ml and you can check the level of juice by using the internal light option. The adjustable airflow option has 8 settings and the battery can easily last for a whole day without any problems.

Aspire X30 Rover

This is a complete vape kit that has a compact design, making it easy for you to carry it in your pocket. You can get the best mouth to lung flavor and the unit has a big OLED screen of 0.86 inches. You have two buttons for adjusting the vape and you can even choose the bypass mode using the settings.

E-Leaf iKonn 220

The unit has triple cylinder heads for improved cloud option and it is very powerful vape. It also has a large 0.91 inch screen that shows all the settings and the dual battery option makes it easy to charge the unit without any problems. The unit has a 220 watt output that delivers good quality performance.

Kanger Dripbox 2

The unique design offers the best taste and you should squeeze the tank to feed the atomizer unit. It has a bottom feeding design that gives the best quality dripping experience for users. You need not worry about short circuit protection as it has a good quality battery that has reverse cell protection feature.

Joyetech Atopack Penguin

The penguin style design is the highlight feature of this unit and you can get good quality large clouds with the ceramic cradle in the unit. It has a tank capacity of 8.8 ml and also comes with vertical juice injection coil system. It offers a smooth flavor and the unit is made from silicone material.

Kanger K-Kiss

The ideal choice if you are still a beginner and it is very light in weight as it is made from Zinc and aluminum. The powerful 6300 mAh battery gives more power and you can even get to see the information on the OLED screen. It has a tank of 4 ml capacity and comes with top filling option for the best cloud production.

Kanger TOGO

The pocket friendly design gives the best comfort and you can easily adjust the airflow and fill the unit with the top control unit. It has a small tank of 1.9 ml and made with Zinc for light weight design. You can charge the unit by using USB and get the display information on the OLED screen.

Vaporesso Revenger

The unit has a powerful twin battery design that delivers 200 watts of power. It has a tank capacity of 5 ml and has as many as 5 coils. You can control the temperature along with the CCW mode using the different functions of the unit. All you have to do is to press and hold the option tab to control the unit.

Joyetech CUBOID Pro

The unit has dual battery that offers 200 watts of power and it also comes with different protection features for the battery. It also has a touch screen option with various functions. The large 2.4 inch TFT screen also comes with a real time clock and you will be completely satisfied with the overall performance of the unit.

Joyetech CuAIO D22

You can easily choose this unit if you want to get a portable vaporizer that comes with a flip open filling system. It offers direct mouth to lung vapors and has top air flow control option for the best taste. The battery offers constant voltage output with a full power capacity of 50 watts.

Vaporesso Aurora

The unique Zippo style design comes with a curvy mouthpiece and you will love the performance of this unit. It has USB charging port for upgrading the firmware and the 1.2 ml tank can be filled from the bottom. The auto cut off feature shuts the flow after 10 seconds and the unit also has a no leak design.

Joyetech CUBOID Tap

The TAPTEC technology replaces the earlier buttons and you can easily control the unit by using the touch option. This is the highlight feature of this vaporizer and it is also equipped with a dual battery that offers 228 watts of power. The large screen also comes with a real time display option on the 1.3 inch LED screen.

Kanger K-Pin

You can easily use the unit for a whole day as it has a good battery. It has a tank of 2 ml capacity and the liquid can be refilled from the top. You can easily use the telescopic design mouthpiece for best vaping experience. The battery status is clearly shown with the 5 indicator light option.


It is very easy to setup the entire unit without any issues and you will be fully impressed with the lateral fire button option. The leak proof design is the biggest advantage and the unit does not require much maintenance. The integrated tank has a top fill design and you can easily get the best performance out of this unit.

Vaporesso Tarot Nano

You can easily fill the tank from the top and get the best cloud production without any issues. The battery offers good performance and you can charge it easily in quick time. The mod also has a good OLED display unit that displays different modes. The setup can be completed in a short duration of time and it is good for beginners.

Kanger Juppi

The unit has a Pyrex glass design and this offers good value for your money. It has a top fill mechanism and you can conveniently adjust the airflow as per your needs. It is made from stainless steel and lasts for a long duration without any problems. The mod is available in different colors and has an attractive design.


The best part about the unit is that it is compatible with other atomizers and you can control the temperature in a precise manner. The pocket friendly design makes it easy to carry and it is very easy to refill the unit. It has a swivel action filling mechanism at the top and you can get the best performance from the internal battery.


If you are looking forward to buy the compact vaporizer, you can choose this unit as it is very light in weight and you can easily carry it in the pocket. It has a decent battery of 1600 mAh capacity and offers good performance. The best part about the unit is that it has an intelligent atomizer recognition and you can use any atomizer of your choice.

Eleaf iKuun

The unit has the innovative dual tank option and you can easily refill them from the top. It has two tanks with 2 ml and 4.5 ml capacity with easy refilling option. It also comes with top quality, temperature protection unit and the internal battery gives a good output of 200 watts. The OLED screen is big enough to give complete information.


The best part about the mod is that it comes with a beautiful design that has an adjustable LED to set the color of your choice. The 5 ml tank capacity is good enough to last for a long time and you can get smooth airflow without any problems. The LED screen is very large and you can get complete information in a clear manner.

Vaporesso Swag

The innovative IML design makes it the best choice for experienced users and you can get the best vaping data to the large LED screen. It also comes with a revolutionary IML case and you can easily carry it in your pocket. The powerful battery has an output of 80 watts and you can easily get good performance from the unit.

Smok Priv V8

This is the complete kit that comes with a button activation system for the best performance. It has a pocket friendly design and the unit is very light in weight as it is made from zinc alloy body. The capacity of the tank is 3 ml and it has a baby tank. You can get the complete details with the dual LED indicators.

Kanger Five6

The mod has 2 tiger coils along with Five6 mod and tank that gives the best performance in the long run. It is made from sturdy steel material and also has Pyrex glass for the display unit. The 8 ml tank is large enough to give good cloud production for long hours without any problems.

Smok G Priv 2

The mod has a baby tank that comes with advanced puff settings. You can even access the touch screen display unit that has the best ergonomic design. The top air flow system gives good performance and you can easily use it for a long duration. The large display screen gives more vaping data.

Eleaf iStick TRIA

It is possible to get the best vapor for long duration with the 300 watts of power generated by the unit. The pocket friendly design is the added advantage and it has a beautiful cube shaped design. You can get complete information about the preheat function and other features on the display screen.

iKonn Total

The mod comes with a hidden fire button and this is a big advantage for experienced users. The overall design is very sleek and you can easily carry it in your pocket. It has a recessed tank style design and has top fill mechanism with retractable option. The sliding cover gives it a unique look.

Eleaf iCare 2

The rubber paint finish gives it a smooth exterior appearance and it comes in different colors. You can use the pocket friendly mod for a long duration and it comes with easy refilling option. The capacity of the tank is 2 ml and it can be easily removed whenever needed. It offers good performance in the long run.

Eleaf iJust NexGen

The mod has a top filling system in the retractable design and you can fill the tank in this manner. It has different colors Led for the battery information and you will be able to check the status of the battery at a glance. You get a single button to operate the mod and the detachable structure makes it easy for everyday use.

More Vapes Coming Soon

New vapes are always being brought to market and this list will continue to reflect the ever changing industry. Check back frequently before you make you next vape purchase to see what new devices are topping the list.


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