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How To Use Vaporizers In An Effective Manner

Consuming cannabis for medical purposes has become increasingly more common and one of the best ways to consume it is through the use of a vaporizer. Vaporizers minimize the drawbacks of combustion methods. They are regarded as a better choice for cannabis users. Vaporizers do not use a flame to heat up material and use either a conductive oven or a convection oven. Inhaling cannabis vapor allows for easy penetration of the cannabinoids into the bloodstream. This vapor production gets absorbed much faster than smoke. An important thing to consider when vaping cannabis THC and CBD is to find the temperature that works best for you.

How to Choose the Best Vaporizer

Why use a vaporizer (for first timers in laymen terms)

The latest models of vaporizers are small and very convenient to use. Vaporizers can be carried to any place, enabling the patients to use it whenever required. They produce a much less noticeable smell than that of a combustion method. Vaporizers heat weed at a low temperature and release the terpenes in an effective way. This ensures better flavor of cannabis and tastes more natural. Vaporizers allow for easy control and the ability to take accurate doses. Slow and small inhalation is possible to achieve symptom relief for patients.

How to use a vaporizer (for first timers in laymen terms)

For herbal vaporizers you start by putting finely ground weed flower in the heating chamber of the vaporizer and turning on the device. You will usually find that 0.25 to 0.5 grams of weed in the heating chamber will be enough. Make sure that you close the chamber properly. Vaporizers may require one or two minutes to get heated. When the desired temperature is reached, the indicator lights will show or a vibration/beep will occur. You can control the temperature of the vaporizer to the desired level using the temperature control button, dial or Bluetooth application.

It is better to select vaporizers which will heat the material by convection heating. This will allow the herb to be heated through airflow and not hot surface contact. Once the vaporizer is heated up, start inhaling the vapor through the mouthpiece of the device. Make sure that you are able to taste the vapor while inhaling and see the vapor while exhaling. This indicates that the vaporizer is working efficiently. When using some vaporizers such as the Hydrology 9, visible vapor may be hard to notice on the lower temperature settings. The Hydrology 9 passes vapor through water filtration which makes for a smooth clean hit.

During the first  few inhalations, the amount of cannabinoids is more. The amount of cannabinoids decreases gradually during further inhalations. When all the essential oils in the material being used get vaporized, the material will need to be replaced for your next session.

Temperature control for vaping (for first timers in laymen terms)

Some vaporizer units come with a single fixed temperature setting for vaping. Some others have low, medium, and high-temperature settings. The advanced models of vaporizers allow for a more personal customization of temperature. The common temperature range is between 340 and 390-degree Fahrenheit. Inexperienced users can use temperature below 350 degrees as it gives a more subtle effect. If you need greater relief or perhaps are nearing the end of your session, set the temperature closer to 400 degrees. The closer to 400 and above you get the more likely that combustion will occur. Cannabis starts to vaporize around 300 degrees F.

Sticking to the ideal temperature will allow you to experience vapors which are strong in terpenes and more flavorful. The ideal temperature for each strain will vary and sticking to the temperature helps in releasing the maximum cannabinoids from cannabis/hemp. The vapor produced from a vaporizer may have up to 95% of cannabinoids, which is a much higher number than what a combustion method would deliver.

Different herbs have different flavors and they come out at different temperature levels. To get the mellow feel and good high, opt for 320 degrees F. If you are looking for intense euphoria which lasts for hours, the ideal temperature will be 365 degrees F. For deep pain relief and complete body relaxation, temperature above 400 degrees F is sometimes necessary. The same strain may act differently at different temperatures. So play around with your vaporizer and don’t always use the same setting until you find what you prefer the most.

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