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Vivant Alternate Vaporizer Review

The Vivant Alternate is a portable dry herb vaporizer in the mid price range category. This is the first vaporizer that we have seen from Vivant and we are interested to see how it performs in comparison to other vaporizers in the industry and specifically in its price range. In this article we will touch on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use and our overall assessment of the Alternate.

Vivant Alternate Vaporizer


  • Comes with concentrate pad

  • Comes with grinder

  • Precision temperature settings

  • External battery


  • Average build quality

  • Controls on the bottom for some reason

Vivant Alternate Kit Breakdown

Build Quality

The build quality of the Alternate is right average which is one of the ways Vivant is able to keep the price of the unit so low. The Alternate uses a standard USB cable to allow the device firmware to be updated when new updates are available. The Alternate kit comes with a user guide, 1 seal ring, 2 airflow rings, 1 stainless steel concentrate pad, and 2 stainless steel mesh pads for dry herbs.

Vivant Vaporizer

The Alternate uses a single 18650 battery which is the same one you find in many portable vaporizers throughout the industry. This battery is better than most of the lower priced vaporizers that are priced around the same price point.

Vapor Quality

The Alternate has been designed to maintain your selected temperature with little fluctuations. The oven chamber is made to be heated very evenly with this your material is vaped at the same speed. The oven did do a pretty good job with my sessions and I only had to stir up my material once in the iddle of my session. The vapor quality is about average I would say and this device does a better job at vaping dry herbs than concentrates.

Look and Feel

The design of the Alternate is a bit interesting. As I mentioned in one of my cons above the buttons and the screen are on the bottom of the device. This to me does not make a whole lot of sense. If you happen to spill something on the same surface that you have your vape set down on the liquid can seep into the buttons and screen. Another issue is that when you are using the concentrate pad and vaping wax the last thing you want to be doing is flipping the device upside down to adjust the temperature.


The Alternate can be a discrete unit in the sense that you can use it on the lower end of the temperature scale. Unlike many portable vaporizers that have only 3-5 temperature settings where the medium and high create to big of clouds the Alternate can be used within a low range. The size is kinda big so its not the most discrete unit. If discretion is your game this may not be the device for you. Devices like the PAX 3 have stealth mode settings and are much smaller devices that you can conceal with your hand.


The Alternate has a pretty solid battery that is more powerful than the average battery in ow end portable vaporizers. The 18650 battery is one that will get most vape users through a full day. The battery is an external one meaning that you can swap it out and carry around extra one's giving this unit extended use. The size of the unit is a bit large in comparison to some of the smaller pocket vaporizers so its not one that you will want to carry around with you all the time.

Ease of Use

The Viviant is simple to use the difficulty level is the same as most vaporizers. There are not to many vaporizers that are difficult to use and the functionality of most vaporizers are the same and very basic. It is when you get into the new more sophisticated vaporizers that the degree of difficulty increases. The Vivant does not have an application or any artificer intelligence built into the device and the controls are very simple.

The controls of on the vivant to increase and decrease the temperature are located on the bottom of the device as we touch on earlier, the up button increase the temperature and the down button decreases the temperature. To turn the device on you click the power button multiple times and the same to turn it off. You load your material in the oven located at the top and depending on the medium you want to vape you will use either the dry herb or concentrate pad/screen.

Overall Assessment

After looking into the Alternate vaporizer I would say that in comparison to other device in the same price range it is about average. There is nothing overly impressive with this device but it also performs ok and is not a device the you would be totally disappointed in purchasing. The price is right and its capable of vaping multiple materials and comes with the pads and screens to do so. One of the things that really bugged me about this device that others may be fine with is the location of the temperature control buttons and the display screen. The are located on the bottom of the device which can get damaged, is more open to water damage and requires you to tip the device on an angle to adjust and see whats going on. All though the Vivant performed ok and the build quality is average and the price is fairly low it doesn't hurt to shop around until you find a vaporizer that you love.

An affordable vaporizer that outperforms other vaporizers in its price range is the Utillian 721 which I suggest having a look into. The Utillian is a high performance dry herb vaporizer that has been compared to devices costing almost twice as much. One of the more expensive options that performs well with both dry herbs and concentrates is the Firefly vaporizer.

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